About Cyber Agora

The pandemic health crisis is a human disaster that could be turned into innovation. The International Society of City and Regional Planners wants to overcome physical distancing by virtual socializing. We therefore invite you to the Cyber Agora, to become part of this extraordinary initiative. Cyber Agora is ISOCARP’s new virtual public space and speakers’ corner for exchanging knowledge and opinions on urban and regional planning as a lever for sustainable development in this ‘Decade of Action’.

What is our aim?

Improving our communications and interactions with and between members of the ISOCARP Society, as well with partners and potential members.

How will we do this?

Via the Cyber Agora, a virtual public place with a speakers’ corner and animated by a curator.

Where will this virtual place be hosted?

The platform will be hosted via ‘Planetary’, the website of ISOCARP, with a tab to the Cyber Agora.

What is our end-goal?

An entire website that becomes a Cyber Agora of exchanging and discussing planning practices and research from all over the world, resulting in a series of think pieces, op-eds, normative guidelines, declarations etc.

Who can join?

By default, the Cyber Agora is open for all, but ISOCARP members would enjoy access to more resources and planning ideas. There is however a permanent open invitation to become and stay an ISOCARP member.

Who is the first ISOCARP Cyber Agora Curator?

Professor Juanee Cilliers, a Lifelong member of ISOCARP, a professional planner and professor in Urban and Regional Planning, based in South Africa. Juanee can be contacted on cyberagora@isocarp.org.


Meanwhile, the members area will remain available for sharing ideas, also on the “what and how” of Cyber Agora.

Cyber Agora events (past and future):

will remain available for sharing ideas, also on the “what and how” of Cyber Agora.



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