Breakout Session 3: HOW?

Can technology help to support virtual participation?

Lauren Ielden (Urban Planning, Troy Planning)

Troy Hayes (Founder & Managing Director of Troy Planning)


Session description:

The last session will be moderated by Lauren Ielden (ISOCARP member & Urban planner at Troy Planning) and Troy Hayes (Founder and Managing Director of Troy Planning). Inspired by the work of Troy Planning which spans from data collection, analysis, and visualisation to engagement through various interfaces including Virtual/Augmented Reality, the session will highlight the current stage of technology which can enable the effective engagement through various types of media. We invite in particular other planners who are working in the digital sphere to join the discussion, as well as everyone who is looking for innovative ways of planning.


  • What are current and future trends of digital planning technology?
  • What tools and technologies can facilitate digital engagement?
  • How to engage effectively? Social media, targeted software/tools/platforms, Virtual/Augmented Reality, transmedia…?


Troy Hayes | Founder & Managing Director of Troy Planning + Design, UK/USA/NL

Troy is an urban planner and is the Founder & Managing Director of Troy Planning + Design with offices in London, Amsterdam and Portland Oregon. He has extensive experience in plan-making from the regional scale to street level plans. He is a regular advisor to local governments on strategic planning including large scale developments, the preparation of technical evidence base and masterplanning to support these projects, including infrastructure requ irements, environmental capacity and financial viability. He is a regular speaker on innovation and digital transformation in the fields of urban planning and urban design including the use of a range of digital planning tools to improve the planning-making and engagement process.



Laura Ielden | Urban Planner at Troy Planning + Design, NL

Lauren is ISOCARP member and works as an Urban Planner for Troy Planning + Design. Before joining Troy Planning + Design, Lauren worked at a private planning consultancy, and has had a number of roles in the research sector. She has extensive experience of preparing technical evidence base studies on behalf of Local Authorities, including Green Belt Assessments and Sustainability Appraisals. Lauren also has development management experience, having assisted a number of schools and sports clubs submit complex planning applications within Central London and Essex.

At Troy Planning + Design, Lauren is working on a range of Neighbourhood Development Plans, Local Plans, technical evidence base and development management projects. Lauren is passionate about good place-making and uses her knowledge of urban design principles to help solve complex planning issues.


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