Notes from the events: ISOCARP Cyber Agora #2

Cyber Agora 14 July 2020_Feedback

We are thankful and extremely delighted with the level of participation all througout the discussions as well as with the challenging and thought-provoking questions that kept the event engaging for all the participants.


Access the speakers’ presentations

Session 1: Who? How inclusive can virtual planning be?

Session 1 - Mariana Fiúza

Session 2: What? Can meaningful participation take place on virtual platforms?

Session 2 - Javi

Session 3: How? How can technology help to support virtual participation?

session 3 - ISOCARP2020 Troy Planning + Design 2020.07.14


Watch the full video from the event

(00:04:52) Keynote speaker: Tim Stonor (Space Syntax UK)
00:22:31) Breakout Session 1:
Moderator: Tjark Gall (ISOCARP Institute)
Speaker: Mariana Fiuza (ISOCARP member)
00:59:02) Breakout Session 2:
Moderator: Annemie Wyckmans (Professor at NTNU)
Speaker: Javier Burón (
01:33:20) Breakout Session 3:S
peakers: Lauren Ieden & Troy Hayes (Troy Planning)
02:08:11) Conclusions

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