Keynote Speaker – Marianne Matthee

Marianne Matthee is a professor and full-time faculty member of the Gordon Institute of Business Science where she lectures in macroeconomics. Prior to joining GIBS, she lectured at the North-West University for 12 years in both economics and international trade where she also served as the programme leader for international trade. Marianne’s research focus is on the field of international trade, particularly exports. Her focus is on exporting as an economic activity of South African regions and firms. Her initial work centred on the investigation of the different elements of sub-national or regional exports. These elements included, among others, the determinants of exports and the importance of domestic transport costs, location and export composition. Throughout this work, it became evident that a deeper understanding of exports is necessary. Therefore, Marianne’s subsequent research outputs (through UNU-WIDER driven projects) focused on firm-level export analyses using administrative tax data. More recently, her focus has shifted to consider the implications of globalisation on gender.

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