Board and Executive Committee

Martin Dubbeling, The Netherlands (2018-2021)


Martin Dubbeling is an urban planner and urban designer specialised in sustainable urban design. In 2013 he founded Connecting Cities, office for research, consultancy, design and communication in sustainable urban and regional planning. Short bio

Didier Vancutsem, Germany/Belgium (2013-2019)

Secretary General

Didier Vancutsem is Associate Professor, researcher and consultant with worldwide experience in urban, regional and landscape planning. He is the Chair of the Habitat Professionals Forum and a member of the Standing Committee of the World Urban Campaign. Short bio

Ana Peric, Switzerland/Serbia (2016-2019)

Vice President Awards, Communication and Marketing

Educated and trained in Belgrade as architect and urban planner, Ana Perić is currently engaged as lecturer and senior researcher at ETH Zurich, with the main interests in the domain of transnational planning and development. Short bio

Daniele Vettorato, Italy (2017-2020)

Vice President ISOCARP Institute

Daniele Vettorato leads a research team on urban and regional energy transition at EURAC, Bolzano. He has been invited as lecturer and speaker in more than 50 events, trainings and university courses all over the globe. Short bio

Jeremy Dawkins, Australia (2017-2020)

Vice President Members – National Delegations

Jeremy Dawkins has held senior leadership roles in city and regional planning practice, government and academe, in Australia and internationally. He practices planning, teaches, writes and researches in Sydney. Short bio

Sebastien Goethals, Greece/Belgium (2017-2020)

Technical Assistance and Projects

Sebastien Goethals is an urban planner, designer and architect from Brussels who has worked globally over the past twelve years with a contextualized approach of strategic planning, urban design, mobility issues, infrastructure and governance. Short bio

Zeynep Gunay, Turkey (2017-2020)

Young Planning Professionals

Zeynep Gunay is Professor of Urbanism in Istanbul Technical University and has been a visiting and research scholar in various international and national institutions. Her major areas of interest are theories and policies in urban conservation and urban renewal.  Short bio

Malgorzata Hanzl, Poland (2017-2020)


Malgorzata Hanzl is Adjunct Professor in the Institute of Architecture and Town Planning, Lodz University of Technology. A former Fulbright Visiting Scholar at MIT, her research focuses on public participation, GIS, urban rehabilitation, and morphology and culture. Short bio

Milena Ivković, The Netherlands/Serbia (2017-2020)

Urban Planning Advisory Teams

After receiving MSc degree in architecture in Belgrade, Milena Ivković worked for several renowned Dutch offices. Through her own Rotterdam-based practice Blok74, she develops new formats of pop-up participation in urban planning. Short bio

Sławomir Ledwoń, Qatar/Poland (2013-2019)

Congresses and Events

Sławomir Ledwoń has been involved in both urban research and planning practice. Currently appointed to the Qatar government, he works as a senior urban planner at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment. Short bio

Dhiru Thadani, USA/India (2016-2019)

Based in Washington D.C., Dhiru Thadani has been engaged as principal designer in a number of international projects on new towns and cities, urban regeneration, neighborhood revitalisation, and infill densification. Short bio

The Board is the governing body of ISOCARP. It develops policies and proposes these to the Annual General Meeting. Members elect Board members for three years. The President serves one term, all other Board Members are able to serve for two terms. The President, Secretary General and three other members of the Board form the Executive Committee, which is charged with the daily general management of the society.

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