Daniele Vettorato – Short Bio

A practicing planner, Daniele Vettorato, works at the EURAC Research in Italy where he directs the scientific research team on Urban and Regional Energy Transition. 

He graduates (MSc) in Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning form the IUAV University of Venice and later earned a Master (MPhil) in Urban and Regional Planning for Developing Countries.

He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Trento, Italy.

Daniele has co-authored over 50 publications cited over 150 times and has been invited as lecturer and speaker in more than 50 events, trainings and universities courses. He worked in Brazil, Chile, Cambodia, Kenya, Mozambique, UAE, Russia, China.

He is Isocarp member since 2008, Board Member of the Italian Delegation since 2016.

Currently serving the International Energy Agency as expert in the Task 51 on Solar Energy and Urban Planning, Daniele coordinates a research team of 20 professionals @EURAC research, has been project manager in several EU co-funded project and is technical and scientific coordinator of 2 Smart City and Communities Light house projects in Europe (total budget over 50M€).

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