Jeremy Dawkins – Short Bio

Jeremy Dawkins is a leading Australian urban planner, designer and researcher with qualifications in urban planning, science and higher education. His commitment to progressive and innovative urban and regional development has consistently combined hands-on planning practice with policy making, university teaching and research.

Following postgraduate study at the University of Sydney he taught and practised planning in Hobart in the seventies, creating the strategic and statutory mechanisms used for over three decades to manage complex urban change in Battery Point, Hobart. In the 1980s he led the transformation of the historic port city of Fremantle in Western Australia, through innovative planning strategies and policies, and projects in urban design, revitalisation and conservation. He was a Commissioner on the Australian Heritage Commission and a deputy member on the Western Australian Town Planning Appeal Tribunal.

In 1990 he founded and directed the postgraduate urban planning program at the University of Technology Sydney and was Chair of the Total Environment Centre, founding Convenor of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools and independent expert member of the Central Sydney Planning Committee, the principal planning authority for the City of Sydney. As Sydney Harbour Manager he led twenty State agencies in developing strategic policy for the harbour region. As Associate Professor in Urban Management at the University of Canberra he developed, for the Australian Government, Australia’s national model for planning assessment and development control.

He has undertaken and published international research into planning systems, was founding editor of the of the planning series Sydney Vision and the local professional journal, New Planner, and created the international platform RePlan, which remains the primary channel of communication for all planning schools in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2009 he completed a five year term as executive Chairman of the Western Australian Planning Commission. More recently he has been the Lead Planner of the Oman National Spatial Strategy Project, an advisor to an Asian Development Bank environmental planning project for the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China, the convenor of a Masters course at the University of New South Wales, and the curator of SPIRAL, an international database of statutory planning instruments. He writes, researches and teaches in Sydney.

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