Małgorzata Hanzl – Short Bio

Małgorzata Hanzl holds her MArch and PhD in Architecture and Urban planning from  Lodz University of Technology, Poland. She completed her MArch diploma in Lyon Ecole d’Architecture. She practiced urban planning and urban design as well as architecture for several years before entering academia and continues serving consultancy as urban planner.

An Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in Lodz University of Technology, Poland, she also teaches in Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, Architecture for Society of Knowledge MArch course. She has got an extensive experience in teaching and lecturing. She maintained her Fulbright Scholarship as a Visiting Researcher in SENSEable City Laboratory MIT, Cambridge MA.

Following her research interests she has been actively involved in publishing and writing activities, cooperating with several urban planning and citizen journals and blogging. Małgorzata’s main area of interest and experience refers to public participation in urban planning, internet communication, GIS, rehabilitation especially in the context of post-industrial cities, urban morphology, anthropology and culture related studies. She is an author of several journal publications and also serves as a reviewer and an advisor in scientific boards and committees.

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