Shi Nan – Short Bio

Dr. Shi Nan has over 30 years planning experiences specialized in policy analysis and master planning. He has been very active in major planning and research projects including Revision of National Planning Act of P.R. China, Framework for the National Planning Standards and Norms, Terminology of Urban and Rural Planning, etc. As the Chief Editor of the most predominant academic journal in China, City Planning Review, his monthly commentary column is the most popular planning literature in China. His major books include The State of China’s Cities, Some Observations Concerning China’s Urban Development, China Urban Development Report, etc.

Dr. Shi Nan is the Executive President and Secretary General of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC), the national academic and professional organization of China. He is also Vice Director of National Steering Board for Planning Education and National Accreditation Board for Planning Curriculum. Dr. Shi is concurrent professor at Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China. He is also invited as planning advisor for City Government of Guangzhou, Harbin, Xi’an etc.

He has wide experiences working with major international organizations including World Bank, UN-Habitat, UNDP etc. He was Vice President of ISOCARP (2011-2017). He is a member of expert group for UN-Habitat’s International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning, and Habitat III New Urban Agenda, and currently a member of UN-Habitat Stakeholder Advisory Group.

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