Sławomir Ledwoń – Short Bio

Sławomir Ledwoń is an urban planner, researcher and academic teacher. He is a Senior Urban Planner at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Qatar – working in the Qatar National Master Plan team within the Urban Planning Department. He is responsible for spatial planning and zoning plans.

Before his role in Qatar, Sławomir was an Adjunct Professor at Department of Urban Design and Regional Planning, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. Apart from that he lead his own planning consultancy as a Principal and chartered urban planner, always trying to link the professional and academic experience together. He is a member of the Society of Polish Town Planners and Polish Chamber of Town Planners.

Sławomir has graduated from Gdansk University of Technology. His PhD concerned the relationship between modern retail and cities, including the impact of shopping centres on downtowns. In 2010 he has been a Fellow at Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Professionally he has worked on various planning documents and concepts including communal studies, local master plans, revitalisation programmes and spatial concepts. Apart from that he has been an author of expert analysis, design guidelines and architectural concepts. He is the Chairman of City Commission for Urban and Architectural Development in Elbląg, Poland.

Sławomir’s research interests include the use of new technologies in cities, retail analysis and planning as well as didactic methods and innovations. He has organised many events and conferences. Sławomir is also devoted to work with students, including workshops and outside university initiatives, always trying to achieve the best teaching results. He is actively involved in shaping the planning curriculum, as a member of the Programme Committee at Architecture Faculty and a member of the Task Force for Education and Carrier Development in the field of Spatial Economy at the Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, Polish Academy of Sciences.

E-mail: ledwon@isocarp.org

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