Extended Deadline for Congress Team Members Application

Dear Members,

We are seeking rapporteurs for the 56th ISOCARP World Planning Congress taking place in Doha, Qatar from 8-12 November 2020. The theme for this year’s WPC is Post-Oil City: Planning for Urban Green Deals.

There will be seven tracks with the following topics:

  1. Understanding Urban Metabolism
  2. Taking Knowledge, Innovation, and Green Economy into Account
  3. Planning for Urban Connectivity
  4. Safeguarding the Urban Resilience
  5. Focusing on Culture and Heritage
  6. Creating Healthy and Inclusive Urban Environment
  7. Shaping Liveable Places

These tracks will later be subdivided into sessions with different sub-themes. We are looking for two rapporteurs for each track.
The General Rapporteur of the 56th WPC is Piotr Lorens, together with the General Co-Rapporteur, Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha.

Your responsibilities
You and your co-rapporteur will have the following main responsibilities:

  • Develop the sub-themes of the track
  • Review and rate abstracts and later review the submitted papers, case studies and session proposals
  • Prepare an introductory report, descriptions, and outlines as well as an introductory presentation of the respective tracks
  • Coordinate and chair the track sessions and workshops at the Congress
  • Summarise the track results for the plenary session of the Congress
  • Prepare a written conclusion and track summary for the final report after the Congress
  • Select the best papers for the final report

Your benefits
As per ISOCARP policy, Congress Team Members shall receive a free Congress registration. However, travel and accommodation expenses are not covered and shall be borne by the Congress Team Members.

Eligibility criteria
Track rapporteurs are expected to have extensive experience and knowledge of the respective track/area they cover and must be an ISOCARP member who has attended at least one ISOCARP Congress in the past.

How to apply
If you are interested to work as a rapporteur at the Congress, please send your CV and a letter of intent (no more than 250 words) to congress@isocarp.org. In your application you should indicate your preferred track and why you chose that specific track, and briefly describe your relevant experiences. For questions please contact Neeanne Balamiento at balamiento@isocarp.org.

Application deadline (extended)
23 January 2020

We hope many of you will volunteer to be Congress Team Members. We look forward to receiving applications from the private, public and academic sectors from all over the world. In the process of selecting Congress Team Members, we will consider the candidates’ qualifications and experience as well as gender and regional balances.

ISOCARP Head Office
International Society for Cities and Regional Planners

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