Habitat for Professionals (HPF) activities in 2020

February 2020

HPF at WUF 10

The bi-annual meeting of HPF took place at this year’s 10th World Urban Forum (WUF) in Abu Dhabi. Representatives of more then 20 international professional planning organisations actively participated in the meeting, as well as on the HPF-hosted Round Table on the Un Habitats “Domain of Change”.

The new HPF Chair and Co-Chair have been elected during the bi-annual meeting. These functions are fulfilled by the UIA representative Mona Rady (Chair) and Eleanor Mohammed of Canadian Association of Planners (Co-Chair). The representative of ISOCARP to the HPF is the ISOCARP Board Member Milena Ivkovic.

March – June 2020

HPF Joint Statement on COVID19

The representatives to the HPF form the professional planning organisations form around the world kept their regular online meetings during the time of global pandemic lockdown. The representatives took the opportunity of online discussions to co-create HPF Joint Statement on Covid19, as an act of both solidarity with the cities hit by pandemic, and as an action in defying the role of planning and planners in making the cities resilient, safe and healthy. 

Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) Statement On COVID-19 Pandemic

ISOCARP’s representative Milena Ivkovic and UN Habitat’s representative Laura Petrella took the leading roles in formulating the Joint Statement by organizing an online inquiry (enquette) among other HPF members to help analyse and clarify urban challenges which has risen out of the COVID19 crisis.   

The results of the inquiry formed an important data base for the Joint Statement. The answers on the inquiry were provided by the representatives of the HPF member institutions. 

August 2020

HPF Joint Statement on COVID19

The dynamic format of Joint Statement digital inquiry has been proven to be success. The data collected will form the base for the next HPF activity, the making of the Road Map to urban recovery. ISOCARP will again take one of the leading roles in creating of the Road Map, which is planned to take place in the last quarters of 2020. For more information on how to participate, please drop a mail to ivkovich@isocarp.org 

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