World Town Planning Day 2016

downloadWorld Town Planning Day was initiated in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires to advance public and professional interest in planning, both locally and abroad. It is a special day to give special recognition to the ideals of community planning which bring professional planners and the general public together. World Town Planning Day presents an opportunity to look at planning from a global perspective, an event which appeals to the conscience of citizens and public authorities in order to draw attention to the environmental impact resulting from the development of cities and territories.

ISOCARP has always promoted the celebration of World Town Planning Day. ISOCARP Members often take an active role in the organisation of an event in their country.

For WTPD 2016 ISOCARP Bureau Members and members informed us that the following events are planned:


The Flemish Association for Space and Planning (VRP) will celebrate WTPD on 17 November. The event taking place in Antwerp will have the topic ‘Participation’. For more information see


Celebration of the Day of Urbanism. Flavio Malta will celebrate with his students at the University of Taubaté, São Paulo. He will inform his students about ISOCARP.


World Town Planning Day will be celebrated by a speech which will be  given by the Bureau and Deputy Bureau members of the Greek National Delegation, to the students of the Department of Spatial Planning  and regional development in the school of engineering of the university of Thessaly (probably on 2nd and/or  9th November)

I addition, the Greek ND will participate in a colloquium dealing with the topic “Participatory Democracy in Spatial Planning”, organized  by the Greek Planners Association (GPA) on 8 November in Athens.




The School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada conducts the WTPD 2016 function at the campus with various competitions on the theme “Making of Livable neighbourhoods”



In Iran WTPD is celebrated each year. This year the topic will be ‘Global Dialogue, local Planning’ – Expert City Councils – 8 November 2016






World Town Planning Day 2016 was celebrated on November 8 jointly by the Urban and Regional planning Center for Post Graduate studies at the University of Baghdad and Iraqi ISOCARP delegation. At the core of celebration was a workshop entitled “The future of Urban Planning in Iraq”  attended by representatives from various universities as well as Ministries of Planning, Housing, Municipalities and public Works, and Baghdad Mayoralty. The Ceremony commenced with a presentation by ISOCARP Iraq BM Dr. Abdelwehab Alwehab where he provided a historical overview of WTPD, and its significance and objectives, followed by an introduction to ISOCARP highlighting its history and mission. The Dean of the Urban and Regional planning Center for post Graduate studies Dr. Abdelhussain Alaskary also gave a speech on the occasion.

Mr. Ali Nuri, a leading Urban Planner with a professional experience spanning 50 years gave a keynote speech where he reflected on the vicissitudes of planning practice in Iraq, and the prospects of amending the course of physical planning in Iraqi cities to keep pace with the unprecedented chaotic impact of rapid urbanization. Mr. Nuri also displayed his archive of historical photos of his journey in the planning field. A lively open discussion session followed and lasted for almost 90 minutes. The workshop generated a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints amounting to a spontaneous brain storming session. The attendees left with a determination to make the celebration of WTPD an annual tradition in Iraq.

from-baghdad-town-planning-dayA Post Graduate stage celebration in Al Nahrain University- College of Engineering – Architectural Department- for the first time in Iraq – has the title “If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places.”



The Town and County Planners Association of Kenya (TCPAK), Kenya ISOCARP members and the ISOCARP Nairobi Liaison office are joining together to mark  World Town Planning Day 2016.
There will be the Town and County Planning and Development Conference, 8-10 Nov 2016, Reef Hotel, Nyali Mombasa. The conference will also mark the World Town Planning Day, and Town Awards for Excellence 2016.
It is planned to have a special supplement in the Standard newspaper on 8/9 Nov 2016.


In Kosovo World town planning day has been marked by the Institute for Spatial Planning within the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planing since 2010.
The Kosovo ND members are invited to attend the event.

New Zealand:

15 November: Auckland Port Re-imaged – World Town Planning Day + Four Distinguished Service Awards
Auckland Port Re-Imaged: A presentation by the Master of Urban Planning and Urban Design students studio work exploring potential master-planning options for the re-development western side of the Port of Auckland


7 November 2016       Time 10:00 am
Theme: Rethinking the role of Town Planning Profession for Sustainable Development in Pakistan

Guests Speakers:

  1. Professor A. Sattar Sikandar, Patron in Chief of Pakistan Society of City and Regional Planners (PSCRP)
  2. Syed Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi, Chief Town Planner, Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Lahore, Pakistan
  3. Planner Riaz Ahmad, Deputy Director (Town Planning), Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA), Government of the Punjab, Pakistan
  4. Planner Mubashar  Hussain, General Manager (Urban Planning), Abbasi & Associates, Pakistan.
  5. Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahmood, City & Regional Planning Department, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan.
  6. Prof. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, City & Regional Planning Department, University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan.

Hosted by: Pakistan Society of City and Regional Planners (PSCRP).


The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Porto FEUP-DEC-SPTA) will celebrate by starting the “monthly short planning conferences – SPTA Sessions at 12:00 am (Portuguese transl. “Sessões SPTA ao meio-dia”)” on 8 November, with an introduction to the World Town Planning Day. These Conferences are public and free entrance.


worldplanningday-8-11-2016Thanks to the ISOCARP announcement Fedor Kudryavtsev, his colleagues and students have for the first time celebrated WTPD.



The Serbian Association of Town Planners is traditionally celebrated the “World Town Planning Day” by opening the INTERNATIONAL URBAN PLANNERS EXHIBITION, the annual review of the most significant, current accomplishments in the area of spatial and urban planning, urban design and their realizations, in the city of Sremska Mitrovica on November 8th.

This tradition became interesting also for the regional cooperation since colleges planners, planning institutions, offices, and planning schools have been presenting the annual production in several categories, from regional plans to student planning competitions and constructions.—najava.htm.


Jan Gehl

The Urban Planning Section of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers has organized the annual gathering of certified urban planners, FORUM URBANUM in Belgrade. The main event was the lecture and the promotion of the Serbian edition of the Jan Gehl’s book “Cities for People” on November the 09th.

Enhancing the importance of the city life and the design of the public spaces, City of Belgrade is promoting its recently produced Public Space Design Manual.



  • Annual professional meeting of headmasters in elementary schools, Portorož, 7-8. November 2016. Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of RS will participate with the topic about »Creative partnerships – intersectoral cooperation between ministries« about the importance of education of young people and children of the role of spatial and urban development.
  • »Potentials of Circular Economy in South-East Region«, the consultation event in respect of the visit of the Government of RS in South-East region of Slovenia (….one of 12 NUTS 3 regions in Slovenia…..), Kočevje, 8th November, 2016.
  • Urban Forum: Innovative projects for urban development in Slovenia / Town Centre Management (TCM), Koper / Cappodistria, 9th November 2016, organised by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning & Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of RS in cooperation with the Association of Urban Municipalities in Slovenia.

South Africa:

“The Migration of the Middle and High Income to Traditional Land: A Discussion on the Unintended Consequences of Spatial Choices”, in Pietermaritzburg Invitation-to-kzn-wtpd-discussion


As each year the Chamber of City Planners is organizing their annual World Planning Day Colloquium. This year the event is hosted by the Middle East Technical University, Ankara:

United Kingdom:

The Royal Town Planning Institute (UK) has scheduled the following for world town planning day 2016:

For Academy of Urbanism:

Anglia Ruskin University – Chelmsford Campus: Agenda



Janine Marin, ISOCARP Representative near UNESCO




Thank you for participating in this year’s World Town Planning Day Online Conference!






Happy World Town Planning Day to all ISOCARP members!

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