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Founded in 1965, the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) has grown to become a global network of city and regional planners, creating and sharing knowledge for better cities, promoting education and planning practice, and supporting city and regional planners in all places and all fields of activity – professional practice, administration, policy making, teaching and research.

One of the main activities of ISOCARP is the organisation of our annual World Planning Congress which focuses on a planning theme of foremost international interest. Attended by some 350-500 delegates, ISOCARP Congresses are small enough for personal interchange of ideas on a given theme, yet big enough to encompass a broad professional and international range. The Congresses are open to ISOCARP Members (reduced congress fees), but our Society warmly welcomes non-members (individuals, parties or organisations). The Congress provides a platform for establishing professional as well as personal contacts with colleagues from all around the world.

The Congress takes place in a different city every year. The Congress has addressed vital topics in the field of city and regional planning, every year since 1965. Combining a unique, triple perspective in theory, policy and practice, ISOCARP has pioneered the focus of the planning profession on issues such as regional urban planning (1966), urban regeneration (1981), planning for land and water (1998), the creative economy (2005) and low carbon cities (2009).

Expressions of Interest

ISOCARP welcomes Expressions of Interest from universities, planning agencies, city governments, institutions and consortiums in hosting a future ISOCARP World Planning Congress in their city.

Organisations with an interest in hosting the World Planning Congress in 2021 and beyond are invited to send an Expression of Interest. Please get in touch with ISOCARP Secretariat for further information and communication on this matter.

Below are links to documents from past ISOCARP Congresses (2001-2019), and the titles of the ISOCARP Congresses since 1965.

Since 2001, the selected Papers (Case Studies and Theoretical Papers) are displayed on the ISOCARP Paper Platform. Have a look and browse through the knowledge of ISOCARP. Papers of former years are also available as publications, which can be ordered in the webshop. Also available for download is a survey of all themes, workshop topics, and congress team members of all ISOCARP Congresses between 1965 and 2019.

World Planning Congress since 2001

2019 – Beyond the Metropolis
55th ISOCARP Congress
Jakarta-Bogor, Indonesia, 9-13 September 2019

2018 – Cool Planning: Changing Climate and Our Urban Future
54th ISOCARP Congress
Bodø, Norway, 1-5 October 2018

2017 – Smart Communities
53rd ISOCARP Congress; Joint Conference ISOCARP-OAPA
Portland, Oregon, USA, 24-27 October 2017

2016 – Cities we Have vs Cities we Need
52nd ISOCARP Congress
Durban, South Africa, 12-16 September 2016

2015 – Cities Save the World: Let’s Reinvent Planning
51st ISOCARP Congress
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 19-23 October 2015

2014 – Urban Transformations – Cities and Water
50th ISOCARP Congress
Gdynia, Poland, 23-26 September 2014

2013 – Frontiers of Planning – Evolving and declining models of city planning practice
49th ISOCARP Congress
Brisbane, Australia, 1-4 October 2013

2012 – Fast Forward: Planning in a (hyper) dynamic urban context
48th ISOCARP Congress
Perm, Russia, 10-13 September 2012

2011 – Liveable Cities: Urbanising World. Meeting the challenge
47th ISOCARP Congress
Wuhan, PR China, 24-28 October 2011

2010 – Sustainable City / Developing World
46th International Planning Congress
Nairobi, Kenya, 19-23 September

2009 – Low Carbon Cities
45th International Planning Congress
Porto, Portugal, 18-22 October

2008 – Urban Growth without Sprawl
44th International Planning Congress
Dalian, China, 19-23 September

2007 – Urban Trialogues
43rd International Planning Congress
Antwerp, Belgium, 19-23 September

2006 – Integration and Disintegration
42nd ISOCARP Congress
Istanbul, Turkey – 14 -18 September 2006

2005 – Making Spaces for the Creative Economy
41st International Planning Congress
Bilbao, Spain, 17-20 October

2004 – Management of Urban Regions
40th International Planning Congress
Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22 September

2003 – Planning in a More Globalised and Competitive World
39th International Planning Congress
Cairo, Egypt, 17-22 October

2002 – The Pulsar Effect
38th International Planning Congress
Glifada, Athens, Greece, 21-26 September

2001 – Honey, I Shrunk the Space – Planning in the Information Age
37th International Planning Congress
Utrecht, The Netherlands, 16-20 September

World Planning Congress 1965-2000

2000 – “People‘s Empowerment in Planning”
Cancun, Mexico

1999 – “The Future of Industrial Regions – Regional Strategies and Local Action towards Sustainability”
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

1998 – ‘Land and Water – Integrated Planning for a Sustainable Future”
Azores, Portugal

1997 – “Risk Assessment and Management: Planning for an Uncertain Future”
Ogaki, Japan

1996 – “Migration & the Global Economy: Planning responses to disintegrating patterns and frontiers”
Jerusalem, Israel

1995 – “Adaptation and Mediation in urban planning”
Sydney, Australia

1994 – “Expanding Demands on Planning”
Prague, Czech Republic

1993 – “Cities, Regions and Well-being”
Glasgow, United Kingdom

1992 – “Cultural Identities and Unity”
Cordoba, Spain

1991 – “Planning for Leisure – the Challenge of Tourism”
Guadalajara, Mexico

1990 – “The Environment and the City”
Warsaw, Poland

1989 – “Communication Technology and Mobility and their Impact on Urban Structure and Form (25th Anniversary)”
Basel, Switzerland

1988 – “Urban and Metropolitan Peripheries”
Taormina, Italy

1987 – “Planning and Actions for Shelter for the Homeless”
Delhi, India

1986 – “Research for Urban Planning Practice”
Paris, France

1985 – “Implementation of Planning – Non-Governmental Actions in Urban Planning”
Berlin, Germany

1984 – “Implementation of Planning in Small Towns – Agents of Action”
Braga, Portugal

1983 – “Implementation of Planning: The Partners”
Amsterdam, Netherlands

1982 – “Habitat for All: What is the Solution?”
Istanbul, Turkey

1981 – “Renaissance of the City, How?”
Stockholm, Sweden

1980 – “Planning and Education”
Tunis, Tunesia

1979 – “Planning and Energy”
Strasbourg, France

1978 – “Evolution of Urban and Regional Planning with Regard to Changes in the Society”
Montreal, Canada

1977 – “Urban Change and Urban Structure: How to Regain Coherence”
Athens, Greece

1976 – “Demands on Land”
Helsenki, Finland

1975 – “Planning for our Inheritance”
Edinburg, United Kingdom

1974 – “Urban Planning and Political Decision”
Munich, Germany

1973 – “Integration and Segregation in Urban Land Uses and Activities”
Zurich, Switzerland

1972 – “Visual Qualities of the Built-up Environment”
Gothenburg, Sweden

1971 – “Physical and Economic Planning”
Antwerp, Belgium

1970 – “Education of the Planner”
Aix-en-Provence, France

1969 – “The Integration of Public Transport in Town Planning Policy”
Dusseldorf, Germany

1968 – “Preservation and Life of Historic Sites in Urban Planning”
Torino, Italy

1967 – “Texte Programme of ISoCaRP”
Lyon, France

1966 – “The Urban Developments in the Region”
Coimbra, Portugal

1965 – “The Position of the Netherlands in a Uniting Europe”
Amsterdam, Netherlands

56th ISOCARP Virtual World Planning Congress

Submit your abstract now!

Interested in presenting your work in one of the sessions of the 56th World Planning Congress? Read about the call for special submissions!

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54th ISOCARP Congress, Bodø, Norway, 1-5 October 2018

ISOCARP would like to thank all congress participants for contributing to a very successful 54th ISOCARP congress. Big thanks go to the congress team, the keynote speakers and the many presenters for their inspiring ideas and talks.

A very special thank you goes to the City of Bodø that gave all of us such a warm and heartfelt welcome. Thousand thanks for the wonderful hospitality that made us feel at home from the very first moment.

Check out the congress results, the presentations, videos and pictures!

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53rd ISOCARP/OAPA Congress, Portland, Oregon, USA, 24-27 October 2017

ISOCARP and OAPA would like to thank all participants and sponsors

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52nd ISOCARP Congress, Durban, South Africa, 12-16 September 2016

Results of the congress

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51st ISOCARP Congress, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 19-23 October 2015


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50th ISOCARP Congress, Gdynia, Poland, 23-26 September 2014

The 50th ISOCARP Congress was on the topic ‘Urban Transformations – Cities and Water‘ was a great success. We would like to thank all congress participants for being part of it and the City of Gdynia for being our host. We hope that you enjoyed the plenary sessions, the workshops, the planning marathon, the different special sessions,…

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