Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Porto 2009

2009 Porto BannerSince 1991 the objective of the YPPs’ Workshops has been to bring together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The Workshop has its own specific theme which is related to the main Congress theme. The theme relates to a concrete area/project. These are hands-on workshops establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world and aiming at final findings and results in a very short period of time.

Workshop Topic

The topic of the 2009 annual YPP Workshop is Sustainable Energy and Spatial Planning in the Douro Region.

Douro Study Area
The workshop focuses on the beneficial effects of using sustainable energy in built up areas in the Douro Region, the world´s oldest demarcated wine region, nowadays listed as world heritage area.
It will be a jointly organized Workshop. Cooperating Partners are: Centre for Territory, Environment and Construction / University of Minho, Douro Mission Structure / CCDR-N and the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM).

From 15-17 October 2009 the YPPs will work in groups in 3 different directions:

(1) Strategies for reducing the CO2 emissions and combining sustainable energy use (mainly wind but also water and other renewable sources);

(2) Spatial planning and urban design towards the energy sustainable city within pre-set scenarios applying the principles of concentration, diversity and association;

(3) Protection of landscape and environmental considerations within pre-set scenarios of more or less intensive wind energy use.

The Young Planners will present their main findings to all congress delegates in a plenary session on 19 October 2009. Their findings will be published after the congress.

A second round of the YPPs’ Presentation evolving a new experts’ public discussion is being organised on the first day of the Post – Congress tour to Douro. Some of the YPP are kindly asked to share the work they did during the Workshops, at the University of Trás-os-Montes in Vila Real (one hour bus trip from Porto). This second session arises from a request from Douro Mission Structure to have a debate in the Douro Valley. YPPs not wishing to take part in the Post-Congress Tour will be assisted to reach Porto in mid afternoon of 23rd October.

Final Results of the Workshop

For the Final Report, click here.


The report of the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop is available for purchase in the webshop as a CD-Box.


Wed, 14 Oct: Arrival of invited YPPs (until late afternoon in Pinhão);
20.30hrs: Welcome dinner (Pinhão) and inaugural addresses
Thu, 15 Oct: Project Site visits (dams around Pinhão and Meadas windpark near Lamego), brainstorm and work planning sessions
Fri/Sat: 16 and 17 Oct: Workshops (Pinhão);
Sun 18 Oct afternoon (Porto/FEUP), rehearsal presentation; evening, reception with all congress participants.
Mon, 19 Oct: (morning: opening congress Porto/FEUP); afternoon: presentation results to Congress delegates.
Mon 19 – Thu 22 Oct: participation (compulsory) in the main congress.
Fri, 23 Oct: Second presentation during post-congress tour in the Douro Valley.


15-18 October (morning): Edifício da Junta de Freguesia do Pinhão (building of Pinhão local authority)
18 October (afternoon): Faculty of Engineering in Porto
19 October: Presentation at Faculty of Engineering in Porto
23 October (morning 10.00-12.00):  2nd YPPs presentation during post-congress tour: University of Tras-os-Montes (UTAD), Vila Real.

All Young Planning Professionals stay in the same accommodation and pay for their own stay (in Douro/Pinhão). Instructions how to book and register will be communicated to the selected/invited YPPs.

YPPs Participation in the main ISOCARP Congress

After the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop, all YPPs have to participate in the ISOCARP main congress (18-22 October 2009).


Thanks to special funding by the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, some 10 YPPs coming from emerging countries can be sponsored in a part (never in full) of their travel and accommodation costs.

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