Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Wuhan 2011


Since 1991 the objective of the YPPs’ Workshops has been to bring together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The Workshop has its own specific theme which is related to the main Congress theme. The theme relates to a concrete area/project. The workshops are hands-on workshops establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world and aiming at final findings and results in a very short period of time.

Workshop Topic

The topic of the 2011 annual YPP Workshop is the Wuhan High-Speed Railway Station Area.

Final Results of the Workshop

For the slide show Let’s meet in Wuhan, click here.

You can also listen to the cheerful song of the YPPs.

Mitchell Reardon wrote an experience report as a YPP.


The report of the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop is available for purchase in the webshop as a CD-Box.

Visual impression of the 2011 Workshop

Pictures of the YPP Workshop, taken by Waikeen Ng, YPP coordinator. Click here.


20 October: Arrival of invited YPPs in Wuhan, Welcome Dinner
21, 22 and 23 October: YPP Workshops, Field Work, Studio Work
24 October: Rehearsing
25 October: Presentation at main congress


  • ISOCARP Vice Presidents YPPs: Zeynep Enlil, Yildiz University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • ISOCARP Coordinators: Bert Smolders, Arcadis, Arnhem, Netherlands; NG Waikeen, National University of Singapore.
  • Local Coordinator: Tu Shengjie, WPDI, Wuhan, China.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

YPPs Participation in the main ISOCARP Congress

After the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop, all YPPs have to participate in the ISOCARP main congress (24-28 October 2011).


ISOCARP thanks the Chapeau Foundation and the Marc Jacobs Foundation for sponsoring two and one YPPs respectively.

The Chapeau Foundation
The Chapeau Foundation was founded to provide a financial grant for approved purposes to a young qualified professional in City and Regional Planning. For more details, please visit

The Marc Jacobs Foundation
The Marc Jacobs Foundation invited Master students from several Dutch Universities to apply for a grant to participate in the YPP Workshop.

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