Workshop cities – places available

Please note that the list below will be refreshed regularly. Last update: 08.10.2015-18:09
Each city has a different number of places. 

Workshop cities in alphabetical order  Places left
Amsterdam: How to build the city in a cooperative way? 7
Antwerp: How to rework the productive city? 13
Brussels: How to reconcile local expectations with strong international challenges when renewing a city? 3
Delft/The Hague: How to create a sustainable knowledge region? 23
Deventer: How to implement a (national) legal framework through local integrated planning? 6
Dortmund: Ruhr Region, Germany: How to leverage economic growth from spatial projects? 27
Eindhoven: How to react when traditional industries move away? 42
Groningen: How to sustain water and energy resources? 21
Maastricht: How to overcome national borders? 40
Rotterdam: How to develop unprecedented port-city synergy? 0
Schiphol -Amsterdam: How to connect in a globalized world? 3
Wageningen: How to feed the world’s metropolises? 16


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