51st ISOCARP Congress Highlights

Cities Save the World – Let’s Reinvent Planning

ISOCARP is coming of age. It is reaching 50. Join ISOCARP’s 50th Anniversary to celebrate its achievements.

  • Enjoy an ISOCARP Congress with a difference: participate hands-on in a workshop on a theme of your choice in one of the twelve host cities in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.
  • Participate actively in the feedback of the twelve workshops at the plenary session in Rotterdam and join the mayors’ summit where planners and politicians will express their mutual expectations of each other.
  • Have your say. This congress is calling on the views of all participants at the main debates with keynote speakers, mayors, ministers and developers on the future of planning and the planning profession.
  • Create and share knowledge with your fellow planners in a stunning venue in the Port of Rotterdam where ample opportunities are laid on for networking and initiating future cooperation with other members.
  • Enjoy the hospitality of North West Europe, the Safari through Rotterdam, the trip on the river with local surprises.

ISOCARP needs your ideas for its next fifty years.


The interactive ISOCARP2015 Platform

During the 51st ISOCARP Annual World Congress (19-23 October 2015), several cities in Belgium, Netherlands & Germany will open their doors to city professionals from around the world before coming together in Rotterdam. The 12 congress themes will be hosted in 12 local workshops, during which local professionals will work with colleagues and experts from  around the world to develop…

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50th Anniversary Celebrations

This year 2015 it is 50 years ago that ISOCARP was founded.
A reason to look back and reflect, but also to celebrate and look forward!

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