The Awards Session will be on Thursday, 22 October, 14.00-15.00.

ISOCARP recognises excellence through the Society’s award programme, consisting of the Awards for Excellence in planning projects, the Routledge Price for young planning professionals and the Gerd Albers Award for a significant contribution to planning literature. This year a special award is added: the Sam van Embden Award.

Awards for Excellence

The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence are conferred in recognition of exceptionally innovative urban and regional planning initiatives in an increasingly urbanised world. Through the Awards for Excellence ISOCARP intends to encourage and promote innovative spatial projects at different scales that have resulted in improved natural or built environment, enhanced quality of life, sustainability and resilience.

Awards for Excellence  This year three winning projects and will be presented. The projects are of exceptionally high quality.


RoutledgeRoutledge Prize
ISOCARP is very grateful to Routledge Publishers for making this prize possible for Young Planning Professionals (YPPs). Usually this grant is awarded to the best poster by a YPP in the Routledge Poster Exhibition during the ISOCARP Congress. This competition has produced many imaginative works.
This year the prize money will be used for the Action Book which will be produced by the YPPs after the congress.


Gerd_AlbersGerd Albers Award
The Gerd Albers Award is for best publication by ISOCARP members in 2015. The award will be granted during the Publication Session on 23 October.
The Award was established by the Society in 1999 in honour of Professor Gerd Albers, one of the Co-founders and past Presidents of ISOCARP, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.


SSamEmbdenam van Embden Award
The Sam van Embden Award is a unique award for the 50th anniversary of ISOCARP. Sam van Embden was one of the founder members and the first President of ISOCARP.
The Award is given for a huge contribution to the planning discipline, to the sustainable development of space or place during the last decades. There will be three categories for this award:
-for a person active in the world of planning, practitioner or academic;
-for a public or private sector organisation;
-for a city or a region.

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