Travelling during the 51st ISOCARP Congress

From Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to the congress city

All of you will very probably arrive at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport.

Since the congress will be divided in a workshop part (in one of the congress cities) on 19 and 20 October and the plenary part in Rotterdam (21-23 October) you will first have to go to the congress city for which you registered.

Please see the train schedule and prices to the cities below.
* International ticket price (Thalys, ICE) can be higher as time advances.

From To Frequency Duration Price
Schiphol Amsterdam 7/hour 0:20 EUR 4,10
Schiphol Antwerp 2+1/hour 2:15 EUR 29,00+*
Schiphol Brussels 2+1/hour 3:00/1:30* EUR 40,00+*
Schiphol Delft 4-5/hour 0:40 EUR 9,60
Schiphol Deventer 2/hour 1:20 EUR 18,10
Schiphol Dortmund 1/hour 3:00/4:30 EUR 29,00+*
Schiphol Eindhoven 4/hour 1:30 EUR 19,40
Schiphol Groningen 2/hour 2:10 EUR 25,20
Schiphol Maastricht 2-3/hour 2:35 EUR 25,10
Schiphol Rotterdam 7-8/hour 0:50 EUR 11,90
Schiphol Wageningen 4/hour 1:00 EUR 14,90

Either in the late afternoon/evening of 20 October or the morning of 21 October you will leave for the plenary part in Rotterdam.
In the morning of 21 October there will be Urban Safaries for which you can register.

From the different workshop cities to Rotterdam:

Approximate travel times by train.
* International ticket price (Thalys, ICE) can be higher as time advances.

From To Frequency Duration Price
Amsterdam Rotterdam  8-9/hour 1:15 EUR 14,80
Antwerp >more Rotterdam  2/hour 1:00 EUR 20,00+*
Brussels Rotterdam  2/hour 2:00 EUR 31,00+*
Delft Rotterdam  10/hour 0:15 EUR 3,20
Deventer Rotterdam  4/hour 1:40 EUR 20,10
Dortmund Rotterdam  1/hour 3:50 EUR 24,00+*
Eindhoven Rotterdam  2/hour 1:10 EUR 17,50
Groningen Rotterdam  2/hour 2:40 EUR 25,70
Maastricht Rotterdam  2/hour 2:15 EUR 24,70
Schiphol Rotterdam  7-8/hour 0:45 EUR 11,90
Wageningen Rotterdam  4/hour 1:15 EUR 16,20


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