Results of the 40th ISOCARP Congress

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The 40th Congress Report is available for purchase in the webshop or directly from ISOCARP Head Office.

Keynote Presentations

Jose Llop-Torné –  Planning Director, City Hall of Lleida/Lerida, Spain
CV ||  Presentation || Keynote

Peter Ross  –  Former EU Co-Director, SUPP, EU/China Liaoning Integrated Enviromental Programme, China/UK
CV || Presentation || Keynote

Jaap Modder – Chairman of the Board, City region Arnhem-Nijmegen, The Netherlands
CV || Presentation || Keynote

Paul Bedford – Retired Chief Planner City of Toronto, Canada
CV || Presentation

ISOCARP Case Studies Platform

Visit the ISOCARP Paper Platform and have a look at the case studies of 2006 as well as of previous years.

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