Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Antwerp 2007



Since 1991 the objective of the YPPs’ Workshops has been to bring together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The Workshop has its own specific theme which is related to the main Congress theme. The theme relates to a concrete area/project. These are hands-on workshops establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world and aiming at final findings and results in a very short period of time.

Two Young Planning Professionals’ Workshops were be held in parallel prior to the congress:

  • ANTWERP – LOC/VROM/ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop
    This 17th ISOCARP YPPs Workshop will be organised by the 2007 ISOCARP Congress Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the City of Antwerp in cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Planning and the Environment (VROM), in Antwerp (14-19 September).
  • BRUSSELS – CUB/ISOCARP Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop
    This YPPs Workshop will be organised by the ‘Chambre des Urbanistes de Belgique’ (CUB) in Brussels (16-19 September).




Project and Theme of the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshops

Each Workshop has its own specific theme which is related to the main Congress theme.
The themes relate to a concrete area/project (in Antwerp and in Brussels).
These are hands-on workshops establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world and aiming at final findings and results in a very short period of time.
YPPs will present their final findings in a plenary session on the late afternoon of 19 September 2007 (arrival day of the main congress participants.

Main ISOCARP Congress, 19 – 24 September

After the Young Planning Professionals Workshop, all YPPs are expected – compulsory – to participate in the ISOCARP main congress as part of their benefits in meeting and discussing with planning professionals.


Age <= 32 years <= 32 years
Professional Planner 5 years
Master Student 3 years professional experience
PhD Student 3 years professional experience
Master or PhD Degree 2 years professional experience
Application Documents
(1) Abstract related to the Congress theme (on line Internet Paper Submission Platform, see Call for Papers)
(2) Application Form, duly completed and signed.
(3) Curriculum Vitae, clearly indicating: date of birth, education, fields of interest and expertise or research.
(4) Recommendation Letter (by an ISOCARP member, the Employer or by a University Professor)
# A background in planning, (urban) design, regional economics or geography, or architectural studies is desirable.
# Personal experience and education focusing on the special theme of the workshop will also be considered in the selection process of Young Planning Professionals.


The YPP Workshops fall under the responsibility of the ISOCARP Vice President (function: YPP)
The two YPP Workshop have their own YPP Coordinators. They are in charge of the entire coordination. They are
involved in and are responsible for the selection of the candidates.

Selection of Candidates

Apart from the selection criteria as mentioned above, ISOCARP always strives at:
(i) an equal participation per continent
(ii) an equal representation of males and females
(iii) a representation of different disciplines related to planning.

Selection Process

• Antwerp, LOC/VROM/ISOCARP: via ISOCARP Secretariat
• Brussels, CUB/ISOCARP: via CUB

After submission of all four application documents as mentioned above and having complied with the criteria, two options for participation are possible:

1. The YPP candidate is selected by the YPP Coordinators
In this case:
• The candidate will be invited for participation in the YPPs’ Workshop.
• The candidate might be eligible for sponsoring (see ‘fees’ ‘definition developing countries’).
• The candidate, officially considered a YPP, participates in the YPPs WS and the main congress.

2. The YPP candidate is selected by the YPP Coordinators AND also by the General Rapporteur of the main congress
In this case:
• Same as above, AND
• The candidate will also be invited as an Author and to present his/her full paper in one of the main congress Workshops.

How does the selection take place?

The Congress General Rapporteur and the YPPs Coordinators look at the submitted abstracts from different angles.
• The YPPs Coordinators consider the complete set of 4 application documents – abstract, application form, curriculum vitae and the recommendation – to get a good insight in the candidate’s expertise and his/her abilities of expression.
• The selection process by the General Rapporteur of the main congress runs completely separately.
The Congress General Rapporteur is responsible for the entire scientific contents and final outcome of the main congress.

Consequently, it might happen that a YPP candidate is not selected by the YPPs Coordinators, but his/her abstract is still selected by the Congress General Rapporteur.
In this case:
• The YPP candidate is not invited for participation in the YPPs’ Workshop.
• The YPP candidate is not eligible for sponsoring.
• However, the YPP candidate will be considered a Candidate Planner and will be invited to participate in the main congress as an Author and to present his/her Paper in one of the main congress Workshops.

After Selection/Invitation

• All Candidates receive the outcome of the selection according to the time framework.
• Selected candidates will receive an official invitation including an Agreement Protocol

Agreement Protocol

• Invited candidates have to comply with the Agreement Protocol, which includes an official agreement – issued by ISOCARP – stipulating the rights and responsibilities of ISOCARP, the cooperating Institutes and the invited YPP. It will also require specific additional documents to be submitted by the selected YPP (such as: earmarked flight ticket/flight schedule, copy of passport, etc.)
• The Agreement has to be duly signed for acceptance by the YPP.
• The Agreement takes effect after acceptance of the YPP.

Participation/Registration (additional benefits YPPs)

ALL invited YPPs having complied with the completion of the Agreement Protocol – irrespective of receiving a grant – have to pay the reduced registration fee (see ‘registrations’). Additional benefits for all Young Planning Professionals:
• Entrance to the YPPs workshop (lunches and dinners included).
• Free local public transport from arrival to departure (including airport-city public transport).
• Last Congress Evening: Farewell Dinner + Cultural Event.

Accommodation – Reservation

In order to create a strong international relationship, selected/invited candidates are all staying in the same hotel in double rooms (compulsory).

During the Workshop Hotel Billard Palace
See below 10 nights’ package.
Information follows by CUB after selection candidates.
Reservation/Payment See below Through CUB, only
During main Congress Hotel Billard Palace
Shared double rooms;
Full stay obligatory (19-24 Sept) is a 10 nights’ package.
Euro 280.00 per person
breakfast/taxes included
Hotel Billard Palace
Prices: see Hotels
Reservation/Payment Through ISOCARP, only through the Antwerp Office of Tourism
Additional Nights due to earlier arrival/later departure through the Antwerp Office of Tourism through the Antwerp Office of Tourism

Shared Room

The rooming list (males/females separately), without exceptions and discussion, will be drawn up by ISOCARP.

Invited participants wishing to bring along their Partner:
In order to secure the team spirit, ISOCARP cannot allow disturbance by the presence of possible companions during the entire length of the YPPs workshop (often the work continues in the evenings).
Room-sharing after the YPP Workshop:
The initial room-sharing also applies during the entire length of the main congress.
However, YPPs having brought along their partner are free to share their room with their partner after the YPP Workshop (thus as of 19 – 24 September) under the following conditions: (1) The YPP has to take care that the partner’s accommodation will be fully paid for in advance (2) He/she also has to pay for any possible extra costs that his/her initial YPP workshop room-mate will have to face.

Time Framework 2007 – Selection Process

  2 April: Deadline Complete Application (Abstract on line; Application Form, Curriculum Vitae, Recommendation Letter)
20 April: Candidates will receive the Congress General Rapporteur’s selection of papers to be presented in the main congress.
20 April: Candidates will receive the YPPs Coordinators selection of YPPs’ candidates, which – to emphasise it once more – might differ from the Congress General Rapporteur’s selection.
25 April: Chosen/selected YPPs receive their YPPs agreement for acceptance and signature.
30 April: Signed agreements must be with the ISOCARP Secretariat including other required documents, a.o. an earmarked travel agent’s invoice and flight schedule.
30 April – 31 August: ISOCARP will keep in touch (final list of participants and other details).

Venues Young Planning Professionals Workshops

LOC/VROM/ISOCARP: Design Sciences Department of the University College of Antwerp – Higher Institute of Architectural Sciences, Henry van de Velde (Hoger Instituut voor Architectuurwetenschappen Henry van de Velde)
CUB/ISOCARP: Brussels Europe Liaison Office (BELO), Brussels

Fri, 14th
> 18.00 hrs at the latest
> 20.00 hrs
Arrival invited YPPs
Welcome dinner
Sat, 15th Project Site Visit
Sun, 16th Free brainstorm and work-planning Arrival of invited YPPs
Welcome dinner
Mon, 17th and Tue, 18th Workshop Monday morning:
> Project Site Visit by coach.
Monday afternoon/evening:
> Workshop
Sunday all day, incl. evening:
> Workshop
Wed, 19th, morning Rehearsing Presentation at Congress Venue Rehearsing Presentation at Congress Venue
Wed, 19th, 17.30 – 19.00 Workshop Presentation in Plenary Session Workshop Presentation in Plenary Session
Wed, 19th – Sun, 23rd Sept: participation (compulsory) in the main congress


ROUTLEDGE Publishers (UK) has made available to ISOCARP a prize of € 400.
All YPPs – whether accepted or not for Paper Presentation in the main Congress – are invited to bring along a Poster related to the Congress Theme. All Posters will be exhibited at the main Congress Venue.
The ROUTLEDGE Prize will be awarded to the Poster that best presents the contents of the paper in a visual way. The communicative quality will be the most important criterion. Congress participants should want to “read” the poster, preferably on more than one level of attention and detail; attention is also paid to an attractive design and layout.
The Award Ceremony takes place at the end of the Closing Session of the Congress.
Poster format: follows after selection/invitation.


The Local Organising Committee and the Mayor’s office of the City of Antwerp have agreed to give all cooperation in facilitating the contacts with the Belgian Embassies in those countries that require a visa entrance for Belgium.
Invited Young Planning Professionals are requested to provide the ISOCARP Secretariat with their full name, date of birth, passport number and date of issue. Visa applications cannot be taken into consideration without completion of the agreement and without payment of the registration fee and accommodation.

YPPs Publication

After the congress a booklet on the YPPs’ workshop will be published. All YPPs participating in the Workshop are obliged to write down the results of the work of their specific group during the congress or immediately after. Whereas the results presented by the YPPs at the main congress mostly will be done through means of a Powerpoint Presentation, this report has to be a written one, including some of the pictures of the powerpoint presentation. The final lay-out, printing etc. of the book will be done by ISOCARP/stakeholders. (For examples of past years, have a look at the ISOCARP website, publications).

Grant, YPPs coming from Developing Countries

ISOCARP is most grateful for the support by the LOC, by CUB and by VROM which enables the overall organisation of these workshops. Additionally, they have set aside a grant to enable the participation of YPPs coming from developing countries.

This grant comprises of:
a) Travel Support: within Europe: Euro 200 maximum; outside Europe: Euro 450 maximum. The other part of the travel costs have to be borne by the selected/invited YPP him/herself.
b) Full Accommodation Support for 10 nights in a shared double room (separate rooms for women and men)
d) At the end of the congress, upon recommendation of the YPPs Coordinators, the registration fee might be reimbursed to a YPP falling into selection 2 (see above ‘options for participation’).
YPP Candidates complying with the definition developing countries and wanting to apply for this grant should fill in the special request on the application form.
Payment of an allocated grant (without exception):
> Travel grant: by ISOCARP to the YPP in cash upon arrival at the YPP Workshop (no sooner).
> Accommodation grant: by ISOCARP directly to the hotel.

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