Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop – Dalian 2008



Since 1991 the objective of the YPPs’ Workshops has been to bring together young professional urban planners from all parts of the world. The workshops provide an opportunity to work together as a closely-knit team. The Workshop has its own specific theme which is related to the main Congress theme. The theme relates to a concrete area/project. These are hands-on workshops establishing a good working relationship with young colleagues from all parts of the world and aiming at final findings and results in a very short period of time.

Workshop Topic

The topic of the 2008 annual YPP Workshop are the beneficial effects of green space in built up areas including Dalian Eastern Harbour.

DALIAN Study Area
Cooperating Partners are: UPSC, School of Architecture and Fine Art, Dalian University of Technology and the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM). From 16-19 September 2008 the YPPs will work in groups in 3 different directions:
(1) Combining port extensions and provision of public open space
(2) Public open space with the compact city
(3) Protection of public space in the periphery of the city. They will present their final findings in a plenary session to all congress delegates in the late afternoon of 19 September 2008 (arrival day of the main congress participants). Their findings will be published after the congress.


The report of the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop is available for purchase in the webshop as a CD-Box.


Tuesday, 16 Sept. Arrival of invited YPPs (18.00 hrs at the latest); 20.00hrs: Welcome dinner
Wednesday, 17 Sept. Project Site visit and brainstorm and work planning Workshops
Thursday, 18 Sept and Friday 19 Sept morning, Workshop.
Friday 19 Sept afternoon, rehearsal presentation; early evening, presentation results to Congress Audience; evening, banquet with all congress delegates.
Saturday 20 – Tue 23.
Participation (compulsory) in the main congress.


School of Architecture and Fine Art, Dalian University of Technology


The YPP Workshops fall under the responsibility of the YPPs Congress Team Members as mentioned in ‘Congress Team’


In order to create a strong international relationship, selected/invited candidates are all staying in the same hotel in double rooms (compulsory). All Young Planning Professionals pay their own accommodation (Campus University of Technology in Dalian). Instructions how to book and register will be communicated to the selected/invited YPPs.

YPPs Participation in the main ISOCARP Congress

After the Young Planning Professionals’ Workshop, all YPPs are expected – compulsory – to participate in the ISOCARP main congress (19 – 23 Sept 2008) as part of their benefits in meeting and discussing with planning professionals.


Thanks to special funding by the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM), some 10 YPPs coming from emerging countries can be sponsored in a part (never in full) of their travel and accommodation costs.

This grant comprises of:
a) Travel Support: From Euro 200 to Euro 450 maximum depending on the home country. The other part of the travel costs always have to be borne by the selected/invited YPP him/herself.
b) Full Accommodation Support for 10 nights in a shared double room (separate rooms for women and men)
d) At the end of the congress, upon recommendation of the YPPs Coordinators, the registration fee might be reimbursed to a YPP falling into selection 2 (see above ‘options for participation’).
YPP Candidates complying with the definition developing countries and wanting to apply for this grant should fill in the special request on the application form.


ROUTLEDGE Publishers (UK) has made available to ISOCARP a prize of € 400.
All YPPs – whether accepted or not for Paper Presentation in the main Congress – are invited to bring along a Poster related to the Congress Theme. All Posters will be exhibited at the main Congress Venue.
The ROUTLEDGE Prize will be awarded to the Poster that best presents the contents of the paper in a visual way. The communicative quality will be the most important criterion. Congress participants should want to “read” the poster, preferably on more than one level of attention and detail; attention is also paid to an attractive design and layout.
The Award Ceremony takes place at the end of the Closing Session of the Congress.
Poster format: follows after selection/invitation.

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