Regional Workshop Dundee, Scotland, 8-11 May 2014

ISOCARP Planners’ Exchange Workshop: The Realism Of Implementation – Engagement Of Local Resources

The International Society of City and Regional Planners, based in the Hague, came back to Scotland  for a workshop meeting in Dundee, on the 9 to11 May.  It was twenty years ago that the ISoCaRP Congress met in Glasgow, with delegates from around the world who came to consider the theme of City Regions and Well-Being.  With the backing of the RIAS and the RTPI in Scotland, the Dundee theme was similar, looking to the City Region of Dundee, Perth and the Tay Valley.

The international group who attended, developed the theme of The Realism of Implementation with the Engagement of Local Resources. Dundee has prominent mention in the National Planning Framework 3, where the regeneration of the Waterfront has been going on for some decades, but in recent time has picked up pace and impetus to bring forward five major areas of improvement.

The presentations covered the policy framework within which the regeneration plans were being driven enthusiastically forward; from the NPF 3, to the Tayplan, the joined up proposals for the waterfront, and the urban design skills which will reunite the city centre to the waterfront.  In the course of hearing about the way forward, at such a brisk pace, the workshop groups looked at the mechanisms at work in the process of redevelopment and recovery to a bright new future for the waterfront.  Colin Doig as the local Chapter President showcased the work of local Architects.

The event coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of planning education in Dundee and anticipated the fiftieth anniversary of ISOCARP, next year, set up half a century ago by Sir Robert Grieve and his associates and friends in Planning in Europe and across the world.  The connections with Sir Patrick Geddes and Dundee was well remembered in a lecture and guided tour of the University precinct where many Architect in former and more recent time have left their mark.

The contribution of the Architectural and Planning professions, and the input from the Planning Students and staff  at the University was greatly appreciated

Hugh W J Crawford
Convener of the RIAS Planning Committee

If you have any questions please contact Hugh Crawford at

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