2006, Schiphol, The Netherlands

From 22 to 25 February 2006, the Urban task Force Schipholregion took place. Six ISOCARP members gathered in a workshop-setting with eight planners from the Schipholregion to reflect on the new plan for the development of the area between Schiphol Airport and the North Sea. Need for housing, changes in the agricultural industry (bulb growing), need for recreational spaces, et. Typical for this region is that space is needed to store 1 million cubic meter of water to be able to develop sustainable water management.

The main findings of the Task Force were related to the international focus in the planning process. This focus could be emphasized by positioning the area stronger as a part of the Global City Region Amsterdam. Also the planning approach could be developed by relating the proposed developments more to the lifestyles of the target groups. Recommendations were made on the connection of the car system to the public transport system and on the potential of the presence of the water defense system for the identity of the area.

Workshop and tours to explore the area were integrated. Participants visited the bulb growing area, Schiphol Airport, the Zuidas Area in Amsterdam and new housing the Haarlemmermeer Polder. The second day took place in the 19th century fortress of Vijfhuizen, part of the water defense system of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam). This former fortress is now a center of art and a restaurant.

For ISOCARP this Urban Task Force was a fruitful experience in connecting the international expertise of ISOCARP to a local / regional planning process.

UTF Report (PDF)

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