2008, Guadalajara, México

This ISOCARP Urban Planning Advisory Team was held in Guadalajara: city of origin of the most representative Mexican traditions, such as Tequila, Mariachis and Charros; capital of Jalisco and central municipality of the second largest metropolitan agglomeration in Mexico, with 4 million inhabitants.

Guadalajara will be hosting the Panamerican Games in 2011. In order to take advantage of the event in favor of the city, the Government of the State of Jalisco and the local Municipality are promoting a set of projects and actions of major urban renewal to revitalize the city and to draw a strong impulse towards its future development. They want “Games for the City and not a City for the Games”.

In order to achieve this, the office in charge of the coordination wants to make an exercise to asses if the projects and actions selected up to now are those that fit better the city’s vision of future and the current governmental objectives. The idea is to ensure a coherent and comprehensive programme for the process.

The objective of the UPAT was to perform an analysis and assessment of the on-going process and the set of projects and actions programmed up to now, and to draw recommendations and proposals that would help the regional and local governments to attain their objectives of metropolitan renewal in the best possible way.

Activity Report

The full published report can be ordered via ISOCARP Head Office for Euro 10,- (excluding mailing costs and credit card costs). Please send an e-mail to isocarp@isocarp.org if you interested in a copy.

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