2008, Limmat Valley, Switzerland

October 11-19, 2008 

This ISOCARP Urban Planning Advisory Team was held in the Limmat Valley, the western gateway to the City of Zurich and the Zurich Region. The Limmat Valley has been faced with powerful development pressure from Zurich transforming it into an increasingly urbanized part of the Zurich Metropolitan Region during the last decades. The development poses growing threats to the valley’s functional and ecological capacities and to the local quality of life.

The valley is characterized by the parallel lines of the river, the adjacent high-capacity railway, motorway and road lines, as well as by strong spatial, functional and social fragmentation. The valley is subject to developments rather than being a subject in development. It is not a political or administrative entity or voice.


The objective of the UPAT wa to come up with an integrated vision for the Limmat valley within the Zurich Metropolitan Region. The vision is to identify and highlight ways for the Limmat valley from an area of externally networked fragments to an integrated regional core area with high quality of life and competitiveness and from a ground for externally determined developments to an active subject in regional development.

The UPAT was asked to develop a number of crucial projects in strategically important focal areas within the Limmat valley.

Activity Report

The full published report can be ordered via ISOCARP Head Office for Euro 10,- (excluding mailing costs and credit card costs). Please send an e-mail to isocarp@isocarp.org if you interested in a copy.
(Picture taken by Y. Kadrin of ETH Zurich)

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