UPAT Principles

UPATs are ISOCARP’s Urban Planning Advisory Teams. The objective of an ISOCARP UPAT is to mobilize the extensive planning experience and expertise of ISOCARP members in order to help and assist cities and regions with for projects, programmes and policies on spatial planning and urban design. On invitation of a city or a region a selected team of 5 to 9 ISOCARP members come together for a week on location for a UPAT workshop.

In this week the Urban Planning Advisory Team visits the location, meet with planning officials, actors and stakeholders, take note of available documents and information and prepare a presentation with their findings and recommendations. In the weeks after this UPAT workshop, the Urban Planning Advisory Team elaborates these findings and recommendations into a professional and often bilingual report.

The UPAT programme is part of the more general strategy of ISOCARP as a worldwide association of planning professionals to stimulate its members to work together on urban and regional planning projects for cities and regions around the world. The Urban Planning Advisory Team always works closely together with local organizations and provide them with guidance, recommendations and practical solutions related to the planning issues.

One of the success factors of the Urban Planning Advisory Teams in the most recent workshop is that both senior and young planning professionals are closely working together. Through the Young Planning Professionals workshops and network, the ‘next generation’ of planners represents a prominent group within ISOCARP that enhances the vitality of ISOCARP as an open, learning and worldwide society of planning professionals.

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