2005 Winners Awards for Excellence

In 2005, the ISOCARP Awards for Excellence were conferred to five Cities: Bilbao (Spain), Curitiba (Brazil), Durban (South Africa), Helsinki (Finland), and Singapore (Singapore).



Institution: Bilbao Ria 2000
Project/Initiative: Bilbao and the Guggenheim Effect
Citation: For driving the transformation process of Metropolitan Bilbao, and the pursuit of excellence and creativity in inter-institutional cooperation, urbanism and architecture. The potential of Bilbao Ria 2000 represents a key resource for Bilbao in the transition towards the Creative Economy.



Institution: Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente
Project/Initiative: From Ecology to Eco-Technology
Citation: For more than a decade of creative efforts in eco-development and sustainability in Curitiba. The recent ‘eco-technology‘ vision to integrate excellence in environmental issues with that of the new technologies is a key element for the development of the creative economy.



Institution: Durban Metropolitan Council
Project/Initiative: The Development of Cato Manor
Citation: For the creative approach to integrated local economic development of Cato Manor, one of the most depressed areas of Metropolitan Durban. The valuable lessons learnt from this experience now form the basis for other urban redevelopment initiatives in South Africa.



Institution: Helsinki City Council
Project/Initiative: Regional Governance of Metropolitan Helsinki
Citation: For the development of appropriate regional governance and strategic policies for Metropolitan Helsinki. As part of a long-term vision towards building a creative city, the emphasis is on internationalization, culture and innovation, while maintaining local identity and autonomy.



Institution: JTC Corporation
Project/Initiative: One-North / Biopolis
Citation:For development of the One-North initiative, a space for fusion and creativity, from the clarity of vision to the realization phase. The components of One-North, such as the Biopolis, have the capacity to attract international talent for the development of innovative activities

ISOCARP Awards for Excellence

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