2011 Winners Awards for Excellence

The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence are conferred in recognition of exceptionally innovative urban and regional initiatives that best express the theme of the 47th ISOCARP Congress on “LIVEABLE CITIES: URBANISING WORLD. Meeting the challenge”. The jury of the awards consisting of eight members of different countries in the world evaluated the entries and decided to award projects in the three categories, which reflect the different levels, at which spatial planners are working. These categories are: “District planning/ urban design”, “Urban and city planning”, and “Strategic planning”.

The awards were given during the Award Dinner on 26th October 2011 on the occasion of the 47th ISOCARP Congress in Wuhan, China.

The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence 2011 Brochure can be found here.


The 2011 ISOCARP Awards for Excellence in the category “Strategic planning” went to:

Rahat. Planning the Largest Bedouin City in the World – Coexistence in the Middle East
Entry Rahat
By: Amos Brandeis – Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning LTD
The project strengthens the co-existence of Jews and Muslims by planning the largest Bedouin city at multiple scales. It is the focus on the co-existence and the appropriate scale in this complex political situation that convinced the jury. Given the complex and emotive politics involved in this part of the world, this plan has managed to achieve considerable success in blending these complexities together. And since one aspect of liveability is about people living together, this project is an excellent example of liveability. A more extensive description of the project can be found here.

The 2011 ISOCARP Awards for Excellence in the category “Urban/ city planning” went to:

Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040
Entry Structural_Vision
By: the City of Amsterdam
There are several good examples of planning results in the Netherlands. One example of this is clearly the Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040 which is done in a highly innovative way especially through extensive and interesting public consultation methods. The Structural Vision: Amsterdam 2040 is a long-term perspective accomplished by citizen participation. An aggregated Vision that convinces as an example of “Next generation of planning tools” like one jury member called it.

2011 ISOCARP Awards for Excellence in the category “District planning/ urban design” went to:

Abu Dhabi Public Realm Design Manual
Entry Abu_Dhabi_Public Realm
By: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC)
As we learned from the different keynote speeches and workshop case studies, public realm is the key for liveable cities. The Design Manual focuses on this important and more and more upcoming discussion on public realm. The location and amount of all forms of public parks and locations is effectively dealt with. The Public Realm Design Manual is done in an excellent way, highly illustrated and makes its points very well.

ISOCARP Awards for Excellence

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