2006 Winner

A book and an article were submitted for the present year 2006.
The book is entitled Sustainable Urban Design, published in the Netherlands in 2005 by the Beursloge Projecten Foundation Amsterdam and Blauwdruk Publishers Wageningen. It was co-edited and written by Martin Dubbeling, Hein Struben (who also chaired the editorial board) in cooperation with other planners.
The paper is entitled Maputo. From colonial model to peripheralization of the contemporary urban space, by Fernando Brandao Alves with David Leite Viana, published in Urbanistica PVS, edited by Federico Malusardi, in 2006.
The final decision was to attribute the Gerd Albers Award 2006 to both the two publications submitted.
In fact both publications fit the purpose of the Award for raising awareness of the importance of good urban design and planning among the general public.

As far as the book Sustainable Urban Design is concerned it presents in depth five ‘good practice‘ examples of how the new government guidelines can be applied both in the transformation of existing areas and in the conception of new developments. The examples also underline how public participation is an inherent part of sustainability. The first part of the book consists of a collectively written essay by members of the National Sustainable Urban Design Package Project Group of which both Hein Struben and Martin Dubbeling are members.

The article about the city of Maputo is a critical diagnosis of the dynamics that are taking places in this capital city of a developing country concentrating on the analysis of the public space a crucial component for the function and liveability of a contemporary city. The authors highlighted also suggestions for a suitable strategy aimed at improving the current state of the city public realm.
Paolo La Greca
ISoCaRP Vice President for publications

I would like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of enlarging your own participation. We really wish to obtain an ever greater number of submissions. Clearly we realized that it is not sufficient that invitation to participate was advertised on the ISoCaRP Website and in the ISoCaRP NET. So I warmly invite you all to encourage other ISoCaRP members to submit their written work for the GA Award 2007.
In addition I would point out the utmost importance of complying strictly with the submission rules; otherwise the jury could be forced to exclude valuable contributions.

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