Routledge Prize 2014

Report of the Jury

Twenty-five posters were entered for the Routledge Prize and were exhibited at the ISOCARP Congress in Gdynia.  The posters are highly individual in their style and approach.  All of them (with one possible exception) are relevant to the theme of the Congress, and each addresses a subject of significance to the author.

All of this makes it difficult to judge them and even more difficult to arrive at a winner.  To help us do so, as in recent years, we applied a clear set of criteria, as follows.

Firstly, and most importantly, the quality of the technical content:  (i) the information, data, arguments and ideas presented in the poster, and (ii) its alignment with the theme of the Congress, its inherent interest, its originality and the potential for application.

Secondly, the use of the poster as a medium of communication:  (i) to attract interest and to effectively convey information and ideas, therefore resulting in (ii) a graphically attractive poster.


While nearly all of the posters indicated research into complex issues relating to cities and water, and a commitment to convey this information in a graphic manner, some stood out.

  • In the poster by Claudio Lozano, a strong message was vividly expressed.
  • David Alejandro Tapia Aguilar used graphics effectively to convey spatial information.
  • Marcin Sliwa presented a lot of information in an accessible way, organised around a striking series of maps.
  • Victoria Byrd Olivier and Sisi Liang, in very different ways, used a strong, clear organisation of the material to integrate information and graphics.
  • Amy Santoso and Lukas Papenborg used arresting graphics and a witty theme to present an important analysis of contrasting water defence approaches.
  • Michael Rowe made a stimulating case for rethinking open space on urban waterfronts.

The winner

The poster by Keziah M’wanga and Melissa Wangui scored consistently well on all criteria.  The subject is important, the material explains the problem and response, the information is presented clearly and the result is a poster that is approachable and easily understood.  Accordingly, the jury declares Keziah and Melissa to be the winners of this year’s Routledge prize.

ISOCARP26.09.2014fot.Tomasz Lenik57

ISOCARP President Milica Bajic-Brkovic congratulates the winners











Download Keziah’s and Melissa’s Poster.

A big thank you to the Routledge Publishing House for making this possible.

People’s Choice

Primarily to encourage delegates to visit the exhibition and to read these interesting and diverse posters, delegates were invited to vote for the poster they liked best.  This vote was entirely separate from the judging of the Routledge Prize, which was completed prior to the counting of the People’s Choice votes.  The winner of the People’s Choice prize was Inês Lopez Moreira.


Routledge Prize Jury 2014:

Jeremy Dawkins (Chair)
Stephan Reiss-Schmidt
Alfred Willinger



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