Routledge Prize 2017

YPP Vice President Piotr Lorens

18 posters were submitted for the Routledge Prize and were exhibited at the ISOCARP-OAPA Conference in Portland.  The posters were relevant to the theme of the Conference. They are very individual in their style and approach.

The Jury  consisted of the following ISOCARP Members:
. Benjamin Scheerbarth (jury chair), Germany
. Zeynep Enlil, Turkey
. Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska, Poland
. Hardwin de Wever, Belgium.


The jury members looked at the following criteria:

  • the quality of the technical content
  • the poster as a medium of communication
  • graphical quality.

Rumeysa and Ryan

The first prize went to:
Rumeysa Ceylan, Turkey, for her poster Dawn of Change

JuryThe discourse around the theme of smart cities is often abstract and technical. Individuals may wonder how to contribute to the ongoing transformation personally. Rumeysa’s work spoke to the individual and offered a way to engage. Her poster, as a medium of communication, effectively draws attention from afar and offers further engagement up close. Well done!


The second prize winner was:
Ryan Fester, South Africa, for his poster The Exclusive City

Jury: Although addressing the South African context specifically, Ryan’s poster spoke to the universal theme of societal segregation. The strength lies in the restraint, in the careful curation of a handful of contributing mechanisms. Coupled with a provocative title and a catchy design, the poster is a worthy runner-up!


Rumeysa´s poster – click to enlarge


Ryan’ poster – click to enlarge

Three honorary mentions were given to:
Elias Abou Mrad, Lebanon, for his poster on The Book, the App or the Street Smart?
Gonca Nurgül Akgül, Turkey, for her poster on Sustainable Mobility towards energy efficient urban lifestyles and
Stuart Hamre, Canada, for his poster on Building Smart Communities by Leveraging New Technologies.

The winners with the YPP Coordinators, the YPP Vice Presidents and the jury chair.


A big thank you to the Routledge Publishing House for making this prize possible.


People’s Choice

Primarily to encourage delegates to visit the exhibition and to read these interesting and diverse posters, delegates were invited to vote for the poster they liked best.  This vote was entirely separate from the judging of the Routledge Prize, which was completed prior to the counting of the People’s Choice votes.  The winner of the People’s Choice prize was again Ryan Fester.

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