ISOCARP Liaison Offices

ISOCARP has three Liaison Offices, one in Brussels, Belgium,  one in Nairobi, Kenya and one in Beijing, China.

Brussels Liaison Office (BLO)
Avenue d’Auderghem 63 – Oudergemlaan 63
1040 Brussels

Contact person Didier Vancutsem, e-mail:

In 2007 the Brussels Liaison Office (BLO) was opened. It gathers information and develops activities in relation with European institutions in planning related fields. Initiating and implementing partnership projects co-financed by the European Union presents a new opportunity for members, both from Europe and elsewhere, as partnerships are in no way limited the countries of Europe.
Didier Vancutsem is Director of the Brussels Liaison Office.

Nairobi Liaison Office
The Professional Centre – Parliament Road
P.O.Box 44258-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20 222 4806
Fax: +254-20 222 0582

Contact person Mairura Omwenga, e-mail:

The highlight of this first World Town Planners Day Celebration in Africa in 2008 was the launching of ISOCARP Africa Region and Official opening of the Nairobi Liaison Office. The Nairobi Liaison Office is hosted by the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) Town Planners Chapter offices at the Professional Centre,Parliament Road, Nairobi.

The World Town Planners Day Celebrations and Official Launch of ISOCARP Africa Region and opening of Nairobi Liaison Office was indeed a major event that attracted international, regional and local participants. ISOCARP Head office in The Hague, Netherlands, was represented by the Secretary General, Pablo Vaggione. United Nations Center for Human Settlement, HABITAT, also recorded a message of support. At the Africa continent level, African Development Bank also registered support for the event.Delegates from many parts of Africa- South Africa, West Africa, North Africa and East Africa were invited and graced the occasion. Locally, participants were drawn from various Government departments, Local Authorities, the Private Sector, the Academia and Professionals in the Built Environment. Those in attendance included Town and Country Planners, Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Landscape Architects.

Beijing Liaison Office
No 9 Sanlihe Road
China 100037
phone +86-10-58323851
Fax +86-10-58323850,

Contact person: Shi Nan, email:

The mission of the ISOCARP Beijing Liaison Office (BELO) is to support the society’s objective within the Asian continent. In addition, the Liaison Office will act as a facilitator in the strengthening of relationships between ISOCARP and UN-organisations based in Beijing. Specifically, UPSC will help strengthen ISOCARP in China and Asia in the following, but not limited to, aspects:

– Set up ISOCARP-UPSC forums focusing on planning issues in Asia region. It could invite representatives from other organizations in Asia under the umbrella of ISOCARP.
– ISOCARP and UPSC will jointly help propose foreign experts to be involved in planning for Chinese cities, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Harbin etc. have already requested for such a service.
– ISOCARP & UPSC will seek to get comparison-related research projects for Chinese or EU institutions.
– ISOCARP and UPSC will make a joint programme of workshops and brief booklets about recent developments in planning areas such as land use, urban transportation, sustainable neighbourhoods etc.
– UPSC will explore possibilities of having traditional-type UPAT hosted by Chinese or other Asian cities.



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