2nd Annual Mixed-Use Development 2015

2nd Mixed-Use Development 2015
2nd Annual Mixed-Use Development 2015
27 – 28 May 2015  
Manila, Philippines

** 20% Discount on the registration fee for ISOCARP members


As cities become increasingly more populous, smart and sustainable mixed-use developments have become the engines of community and economic vitality. In the past, developers tended to separate residential and commercial developments, but now people want to live in a diverse and secure environment. Mixed-used is creating a unique project and design puzzle that is encouraging companies to innovate to fit different uses together. You need to provide elements like green space that will engage people and resonate with their tastes and needs. Striking the right balance of commercial, workplace and community uses helps ensure people arrive for one reason—and stay for the rest. Trueventus 2ND Mixed Use Development Series, drawing from its broad range of speakers and expertise provides you an interactive and learning platform to ask industry leaders about their winning approaches, and highlights common mistakes made and pitfalls to avoid, while providing real-life examples for a successful mixed-use project. Covering all types of developments, from horizontal and vertical, we will be looking into all aspects of a mixed-use development, to tap into the diverse markets through mixing the right elements of mixed-use components in order to generate higher returns of investment in the long term and establish a global brand!

For more information, please download the Brochure or view it online.

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