2nd Urban Economy Forum

2nd Urban Economy Forum

October 5-6, 2020
Toronto, Canada


UEF 2020 is an international forum regarding SDG 11 which is one of 17 United Nation Sustainable Development Goals focused on creating sustainable and resilient cities and communities. UEF aims to advance SDG 11 through identifying and implementing sustainable urban economy in municipalities in the world.

There is 10 years left until 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and it is necessary for UEF 2020 to focus on the economy of cities and review opportunities and challenges and the process of securing financial resources for cities. Also, UEF is an attempt to develop a strategy for municipalities to achieve sustainable urban economy which is crucial to realize SDGs and it will shape the future of cities entirely. Furthermore, the focus on the role of housing and real estate as one of the main revenue sources for cities, as well as social housing, will be an important effort by UEF 2020 to provide sustainable housing options for more citizens.

Study areas
Due to the nature of the conference with its focus on innovative ideas and developments, papers related to all areas of economic and social sciences are welcomed. As well, the impact climate challenges have on urbanism is a crucial topic, therefore an international platform will be provided to review and exchange knowledge and expertise in adopting innovative ways and best practices for cities to reduce the consumption of energy and emission of greenhouse gases and to seek innovative solutions regarding these global issues. UEF 2020 is an attempt to achieve these vital goals.

UEF 2020 themes:

  1. Banks and urban SDG
  2. Cities issues in different aspects and City Prosperity Initiative
  3. Sustainable Housing
  4. Technology and urban SDG
  5. Environment and urban SDG
  6. Equity and minorities
  7. Other related topics


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