3rd Annual Urban Underground Space and Tunneling

3rd Annual Urban Underground Space and Tunneling

27 – 29 March 2017 in Singapore

Event Summary
This conference will cover technology of underground space and tunneling and the corresponding protection measures to put forward and provide guidelines for engineering practice for the infrastructure sector in cities.

Stream One: Underground Space Design & Development
This stream will highlight about Urban underground space potential that could contribute significantly to the sustainable and resilient development of cities. Despite this, the importance of the ground beneath cities is still under-recognised and often overlooked, this stream will further focus on Planning and design aspects of urban Underground Space which would mainly cover non-Tunneling aspects, Sustainable growth of cities and the livability of urban population in new underground spaces.

Stream 2: Innovative Construction & Tunneling Technologies
This Stream will cover Engineering and construction technicalities, TBM issues and challenges, Operational and maintenance aspects of underground structures, Incorporating innovative technologies and advancements for effective and efficient underground development.

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