6th Annual Vertical Cities

6th Annual Vertical Cities

6 – 8 March 2017 in Dubai, UAE

Happening for the 6th time this year, this large scale conference will be focusing on the following:

Stream 1: Masterplanning & Sustainable Design
This stream will look at introducing modern vertical design in high-rise buildings whilst maintaining the heritage feel and local community values.

Stream 2: Structural Engineering & Construction
This stream addresses the structural challenges and factors that affect the engineering and construction of the future skyscrapers in the current global marketplace. Leverage on case studies exploring wind engineering, aerodynamic designs, airflow ventilation and other engineering challenges to draw on experience in the construction of high-rise structures.

Stream 3: Smart Building Materials, Facades & Technologies
This stream focuses on how to lower operations costs by incorporating high quality building materials and cost-effective ways to build tall buildings, whilst speeding up the entire construction process. This stream also looks at incorporating enhanced designs and fire resistant materials to increase resiliency for durability of your tall buildings. Also, leverage on cutting-edge façade designs, models and technologies to develop high-performance skyscrapers.

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