8th Annual City Development Conference: Cities & Digital Transformation

November 14-16, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 8th Annual City Development conference provides one-stop platform to explore ways for implementing sustainable city planning strategies to address rapid urbanisation and improve the overall liveability of your city. The conference will explore cutting-edge issues, strategic solutions, investment strategies and pertinent case studies in urban planning, infrastructure development, service delivery and implementation and development of smart cities.

Currently, governments are heavily investing in various initiatives to counter high urban migration in major cities by upgrading their infrastructure and improving city centres to establish their city as the city of choice. So, it is essential to understand how the world’s best cities have attracted additional investment opportunities. Also, cities that are properly planned would provide a better standard of living for their inhabitants, attract talent and investment opportunities for greater economic growth. In addition, there is an emerging need for cities to get smarter so that they tackle the issues related with the large scale urbanisation as well as improving quality in service rendering. Citizen engagement and data sharing is the major tool of a government to improve its services and public involvement in decision-making.

Building on the success of previous City Development and Smart Cities conferences, this highly anticipated event is an excellent platform to network, exchange ideas, seek business opportunities and tap into the experience of key industry leaders.

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