8th International Conference on Building Resilience (ICBR)

November 14-16, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

The International Conference on Building Resilience (ICBR) is an annual gathering that explores resilience as a useful framework of analysis of how society can cope with the threats of natural and human-induced hazards. The goal of the ICBR is to promote the sharing and discussion on current and future trends in understanding, modelling and managing resilience-related domains. With the theme “Risk and Resilience in Practice: Vulnerabilities, Displaced People, Local Communities and Heritages”, the 8th ICBR will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 14-16, 2018. The 2018 edition of the ICBR is organised by the University of Lisbon, the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and the Global Disaster Resilience Centre at the University of Huddersfield (UK), in association with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).

For more information, please click on the banner (http://2018.buildresilience.org) and visit the Facebook 8th ICBR Lisbon ‘2018.

The conference organisers also announce two following calls:

B4H Resilient Design Competition:

In the spirit of the  Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the NGO Building 4Humanity and the 8th International Conference on Building Resilience invite professionals and students in the fields of architecture, urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture, engineering and design to submit their projects and ideas to the Building 4Humanity Resilient Design Competition. The programme of the competition is open, covering building better from the start, or recovery, building back better. Interdisciplinary teams are highly encouraged. There are nice prize money for the winners and best proposals as well as exhibition and publication opportunities to all shortlisted proposals.

For more information and for the submission of applications, please visit the B4H Resilient Design Competition’s website (accessible through the 8th ICBR website).

Marielle Franco Community-Design Award:

The B4H Resilient Design Competition features, as a special award, the Marielle Franco Community-Design Award. This architectural design award intends to memorialise the work of the sociologist, social activist, former favela (slum) resident (as always proudly recalled by herself), and elected city councillor of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Marielle Franco, cruelly murdered in March 2018. Marielle had been actively advocating the legitimation of architecture as a social service to be provided by the local government (as medical or legal services generally are). The Marielle Award is adressed to indivuduals and organzisations. It is meant to recognize and foster the day-to-day activities of architects immersed in interdisciplinary teams working within slums or other deprived areas, such as communities threatened or affected by disasters, extreme poverty, armed conflicts, forced displacements, eviction and urban violence.

For more information and for the submission of applications, please visit the Marielle Award’s website (accessible through the 8th ICBR website).

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