9th Annual City Development Conference: Human-Centric Digital Cities

9th Annual City Development Conference: Human-Centric Digital Cities

November 13-15, 2019


This conference a must-attend gathering which provides a perfect platform for those involved in urban planning, architecture, development, government and any aspect of city development. City Development is essential because cities across the world are racing to cope with rapid uncontrolled urbanisation. As quoted by United Nations, 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a number that is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. This dramatic rise in urban population necessitates properly planned and built cities across the globe.

Smart and sustainable people-oriented city is an exciting fast growing trend in creating high quality, vibrant, liveable, safe and efficient communities. It is the creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centred around transit systems, affordable housing, mixed use developments, technology driven facilities, public spaces, schools, hospitals and everything a community needs. This makes it possible to live a lower-stress life, efficient and high quality living.

This conference is specially designed to meet all city involved development and planning practitioners’ demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will cover various aspects of urban city planning and design as well as innovative smart development and technologies to maximise efficiency and create the “Best Liveable, Smart and Sustainable City”.

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