Balkan Architectural Biennale “Decoding Balkan”

Balkan Architectural Biennale “Decoding Balkan”

November 14-17, 2019
Belgrade, Serbia


(De)coding Balkan presents a process of recreating the Balkan identity based on previous traditions and future intentions towards desirable images. By gathering academics, professionals and practitioners in the fields of architecture, urbanism, technology, design, geo-informatics, etc., this year the special focus of the conference in on using contemporary instruments and tools in the process of sending messages in between Balkan differences focusing on enabling understanding and common space for creating new Balkan identity.

Therefore, it explores past, present and future codes of building, designing, urban regulation, morphology, urban planning, used instruments and tools towards new paradigm of green, more transparent, efficient, ecologically-friendly society, urbanism, architecture and design. Ecology is one of the main issue of global society, so the focus is on using contemporary tools in the fields to meet global standards and traditional diversity by exploring and/or ‘decoding’ the past and present traditions to code them into coherent future actions among Balkan and the region.

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