Building Peace through Heritage

Building Peace through Heritage

March 13-15, 2020
Florence, Italy


The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and International Institute “Life Beyond Tourism” are pleased to invite you to the 22nd Assembly/International Symposium “Building Peace through Heritage”. This 2020 event will be developed along three subthemes dealing with economic, socio-cultural, and environmental aspects of sustainable development. The interpretation and communication among the places relying upon their cultural expressions is highlighted due to great movement of people worldwide – reaching almost 1,400 million people as according to UNWTO. The symposium will discuss the possibilities of dialogue for sustainable development among different cultures gathering transversal experiences from a multiplicity of fields. This will allow a wider understanding and a cross-fertilization among different sectors in order to offer a tangible contribution for the practical implementation and draw attention to cultural expressions as powerful resources for sustainable development of places.

Read the call for abstracts. Deadline: November 10, 2019.

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