EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe


EVIM 2018 (1-3 March 2018) is an international event in Kyiv, Ukraine aimed at promoting the new mobility, electric vehicles market, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe. In spring 2018, for the third year in a row, EVIM holds a unique three-day summit to continue a dialogue on a new sustainable transport and infrastructure for the CEE region.

SSIDD (Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Day) Conference 2018 Kyiv as an integral part of EVIM event is dedicated to the development of sustainable city infrastructure which is human and nature friendly. It will present the best practices, projects implementation, and engineering solutions for urban planning and city development.

As one of the key and the most dynamic EV city infrastructure meetings EVIM Summit is creating a space for communication and building the long-term partnerships in sustainable business.

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