IFHP Conference Singapore


IFHP Conference Singapore 2014
30 May 2014

Good Urban Governance in Integrated Planning: the key to success?

The conference will critically look at international projects of integrated planning, how they are governed, and will encourage to identify and tackle the flaws. This approach can open up new paths to good urban solutions. Different perspectives from three continents in a panel discussion will give you additional inspiration.

As a big add-on, Singapore’s World Cities Summit (WCS) 2014 will take place back-to-back in this vibrant city from 1-4 June. The IFHP Singapore Conference is an official co-located event of the World Cities Summit 2014. Come to Singapore for two unique events that team up to give you a fruitful urban learning experience and countless networking opportunities – both small and big scale.

Conference theme

In general terms, integrated planning is a joint planning exercise that ensures participation of all stakeholders and affected departments. Its objective is to examine all economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits, in order to determine most appropriate options and to plan a suitable course of action. The inter-related nature of urban development challenges requires an integrated approach that promotes actions at various levels simultaneously. In essence, therefore, it stands for moving away from sectorial approaches and working for inter-sectorial action directed towards sustainability.

Morning: “Integrated Planning – Tackling the Flaws”

Integrated planning is applied differently in different countries and continents. The presentations in the morning session will showcase specific urban development projects on integrated planning and their governance. They will exemplify various approaches, their strengths, but also their flaws and gaps.  A new format of Peer Commenting* by a co-presenter gives a fresh, critical, constructive view on a given project. It helps to detect flaws and gaps, to finally overcome problematic areas and find good and sustainable urban solutions.

*Peer-commenting: This is a format derived from peer review; Peer-Commenting is an innovative presentation format. In addition to the regular presentation of a project, a peer scrutinises the presentation with some extra attention. After the presentation, the peer asks some crucial questions in reference to the presentation to help uncover potential ways of improvement. With the peer’s outsider’s perspective, this is a great opportunity to receive valuable input to the project at hand and to move the given project to the next level.

Afternoon: “Governance for Integrated Planning – Perspectives from 3 Continents”

Perspectives on integrated planning from Europe, Asia and North America will be discussed. The key focus will be on the resilience of the different approaches in connection to future challenges of cities, like climate change, economic growth and social inclusion. New approaches to urban governance will also be a key-discussion point, especially how a strong collective impact can be created by new ways of tackling challenges in partnerships between state, market and actors in the civic society.

Speakers and moderators

Confirmed speakers and moderators include:

Flemming Borreskov, President and Founder, Catalytic Society, Denmark

Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Head of Housing and Development Board (HDB) Singapore; IFHP Board Member

Jan Gehl, Professor and Architect, Denmark

Rob Adams, Senior Consultant, Architect, Prof., Director City Design, City of Melbourne

Bernardus Djonoputro, Secretary General – Indonesian Association of Urban & Regional Planners

Christer Larsson, Director of City Planning, Sweden

Susanne Fischer, Head of Regional Planning, Switzerland

Sonia Kirby, Director of establish consulting, Australia

Hwang Yu-Ning, Group Director (Physical Planning), Singapore

William Lau, President of the Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP), Singapore

Alfonso Martinez Cearra, Director General, Bilbao Metropoli-30, Spain

Welcome Keynote: Dr. Cheong Koon Hean; Head of Housing and Development Board (HDB) Singapore; IFHP Board Member.

Conference Programme (Subject to change)

09.00  – 09.30 WELCOME KEYNOTE – By Dr CHEONG Koon Hean, Head of Housing and Development Board Singapore (HDB); IFHP Board member

09.30 – 12.30 PLENARY ”Integrated Planning – tackling the flaws”

14.00 – 14.45 KEYNOTE “Cities for People – People for Cities” – By Flemming Borreskov and Jan Gehl

14.45 – 16.00 PANEL DIALOGUE ”Governance for Integrated Planning – perspectives from 3 continents”

16.30 – 17.30 CLOSING KEYNOTE – By Rob Adams, Director City Design, City of Melbourne

18.00 NETWORK RECEPTION (location will be announced shortly)

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