Innovative Cities Summit – Kuwait 2017

The economically active population in the Middle East is growing a lot faster than the other regions in the world. Kuwait government has announced “Kuwait 2035”, which is a set of measures to boost the economy over the next 20 years through reducing on oil revenue and building the country as a hub for finance, trade and tourism in the region. Kuwait government has planned to build nine smart cities. According to the Smart Cities Council (SCC), an industry coalition formed to accelerate the transition to UN Agenda 2030 approved ‘Next Society’ cities, a smart city is defined as a city which has digital technology embedded across all city functions.

At this summit we will explore how to create successful collaborations between public and private sectors; the ways to fully leverage the modernisation opportunities that will help boost Infrastructure, transport, increase investment, make cities and villages sustainable. This platform will include two days of extensive keynote presentations, panels, case studies, interviews, demos, round table discussions; you will discover the latest trends, disruptors and innovators who are responsible for revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Join us in Kuwait as we discuss on how we can develop the best Smart cities and the technologies which are closely connected with this revolutionary change.

At this summit you will witness some very interesting case study presentations from our international panel of expert presenters including:

  • Faisal Aljihayem – Kuwait Municipality, Kuwait Master Plan Department, Kuwait
  • Kris Riise – Co-Founder, Smart City, Norway
  • Jeremy Gibberd – Architect Expert, Conseil International du Bâtiment, Netherlands
  • Brooks Rainwater – Director at National League of Cities
  • Joe Dignan – World Bank and EC Expert, Future Cities Catapult Croydon

For more information about the speaker list, or to see the full conference agenda, please click on the banner.

Innovative Cities Summit – Kuwait 2017 is proudly presented by TraiCon – an exclusive platform for government leaders and industry experts to address inhabitable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated smart solutions, and forge new partnerships. It is a global platform to explore how cities can better govern and build up resilience through policy, technology and social innovations. Members of the press are invited to attend this important industry event. If you would like a complimentary press pass, please contact Media & Marketing manager John Sebastian (mobile: +91 7708523918, email:

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