ISOCARP Cyber Agora #3: Place Leadership

ISOCARP Cyber Agora #3: Place Leadership

September 17, 2020


Place matters, since place constitutes similar problems differently (Sotarauta et al., 2017). As Planners we understand the value of well-planned places and sustainable spaces. The current “decade of action” now necessitates that we step up as Place Leaders which can represent our places and spaces more broadly in a shared development effort. Place leadership is often referred to as being cooperative or collaborative, because of the challenge to deal with a variety of stakeholders and vested interests in places (Horlings et al., 2018). Place leadership is focused on human relationships and the social processes to create livable and sustainable places. Place leadership can be both formally and informally, which makes it possible to create a shared development vision and work as connector between different actors.

In this global Cyber Agora session, we will reflect on Place Leadership, how to be a Place Leader, the key elements of Place Leadership (communication, trust, perseverance, flexibility, and the ability to connect different worlds and logics) and why Place Leadership is crucial in quest of sustainable development.

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