Kuwait Traffic and Road Safety Summit 2020 (KTRS)

Kuwait Traffic and Road Safety Summit 2020 (KTRS)

February 16, 2021
Kuwait, Kuwait


Kuwait Traffic & Road Safety Summit aspires to identify and analyse traffic and road safety challenges in Kuwait and the Middle East. There has been tremendous development and continued growth in the expansion of road networks and evolution of transport, making it increasingly important to find solutions and set new policies and strategies to overcome traffic related issues through smart traffic management, road safety initiatives and accident prevention measures.

The summit includes the following sessions:

  • The Road to Zero: A vision to eliminate roadway deaths
  • Utilizing smart and AI enabled traffic management systems
  • Formulating and implementing road safety programmes to improve driving culture
  • Implementing an integrated metro network in Kuwait
  • The Five E’s of Road Safety: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Emergency Services and Evaluation

The summit welcomes different kind of contributions: case study presentations, panel discussions, networking with active companies, brand-building, etc.

For more information on the summit, please click on the banner and have a look in the agenda.



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