Landscape Forum 2017

Landscape Forum 2017

16 – 20 May 2017 in Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

The 6th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum will take place from May 16 – 20, 2017 in Freising, Germany, under the overall topic ,Inclusive Landscapes’. The event will be hosted jointly by the landscape architecture department of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University and by the Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management of TU Munich. The forum is addressed to researchers, professionals and educators of all landscape-related disciplines.

Deadline for registrations: 15th of April 2017

The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum has worked on different focus areas so far, applied to relevant urban or peri-urban territories. For the 6th Landscape Forum in Freising the overall focus will be on the peripheral landscape in the North of Munich.  This landscape is shaped by various spatial, social and cultural dynamics. During the forum the participants will explore this landscape through six different lenses:

.               Urban Growth and peri-urban sprawl: Inclusive Urban Green Infrastructure

.               Rural fringe: Inclusive agriculture and local foodscapes in the rurban area

.               Inclusive local and regional recreation and tourism

.               Heritage and identities: Baroque axes inclusive

.               Cross-cutting theme 1: Landscape perception

.               Cross-cutting theme 2: Landscape democracy

The title and general approach of  this forum is “Inclusive Landscapes”. This concept is based on the following hypotheses:

“Inclusive Landscapes” are accessible for everyone, offering space for collaborative, socially inclusive processes, participation and interaction for all people, thus contributing to equity and environmental justice.

As a planning and design concept “Inclusive Landscapes” incorporates the knowledge and needs of everyone, balances interests of different stakeholders, and in particular considers those groups that have difficulties in accessing information and articulating their interests.  The concept of “Inclusive Landscapes” can be applied to any kind of landscape – such as urban, rural, tourism, or heritage landscapes.  This landscape forum will exemplify the concept of “Inclusive Landscapes” in the region of Munich North with new approaches. These approaches will be transferable to other metropolitan areas across Europe.

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