Planning and Post Conflict Cities

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International Symposium Planning & Post-Conflict Cities
27 November 2015
Delft, the Netherlands

We are pleased to invite you to the first International Symposium on Planning & Post-Conflict Cities to be held on the 27th of November at the faculty of Architecture, TU Delft. There is a demand for architects and urban planners of respond to challenges of rebuilding post-conflict cities. Today’s wars are fought primarily in and over cities, since to control the city means to control the country in terms of government, economy and cultural trade. As post-conflict cities are often also rapidly urbanizing, it is clear that any reconstruction policy needs well-thought urban planning to succeed. This symposium will among others use the case Kabul and Afghanistan to explore the challenges of planning in post-conflict cities in general. It will also reflect on urban security, the scope of planning in post-conflict cities, and how the international community can best contribute.

For the symposium program and sign-up, please visit the website:




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